October 21, 2018

Security on Consumer Handhelds

security on consumer handhelds and cell phones

Blog written by student Michael Bradley, UAT Network Security/ Network Engineering student

Network Security is a growing field and with the increase in cyber warfare, it’s not slowing down. There has been a call to arms for more qualified applicants to enter the job market.

Currently, one the main issues that we face is consumer privacy, which includes encryption, email privacy, and call privacy. There are a lack of consumer items on the market that can fulfill this security for its consumers. What I am currently brainstorming is a cellular device and laptop with the perfect level of privacy and secrecy. A device that not only fulfills the need for privacy but also gives the consumer confidence in the device they own.

Currently, the only phones on the market with this plan are either over-priced or nowhere near user-friendly. Here are two examples:

KryptAll Secure Encrypted TSCM Counter Surveillance iPhone 7 w/ No Call Records

KryptAll Secure Encrypted TSCM Counter Surveillance iPhone 7


Blackphone 2

Blackphone 2

The main one that strikes out is the Blackphone 2. The Blackphone 2 has a great concept. It takes everything the user wants in privacy incorporated into the phone, however the encryption isn’t exactly the highest to be achieved and there were many holes found in the security protocol for the phone.

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