September 25, 2018

Professor Jill Brumand’s Sustainable Waste Activity Grew Wheels

Sustainability Class Project

Professor Jill Brumand asked her students to bring in trash to their Sustainability in Practice class on Thursday, Oct. 5. Why, you might wonder? Good question!

Professor Brumand wanted the students to learn the value of “cradle-to-cradle” concepts which encourage students to see what is traditionally classified as waste as something that can be inputs into a new system. This also helps support students’ ability to innovate and work toward a goal with a scarcity of traditional resources. The activity grouped students randomly and each group had to work through looking at what materials they had to building a functional object and finally to presenting these features to a group of judges.

Sustainability in Practice - Class Project

Sustainability in Practice - Class Project

Here were the guidelines for the Waste Activity project.

1. Must be functional (perform a task)
2. Must have an artistic component
3. Must have at least three moving parts (at least two of those must not be directly connected to a human)
4. Must use at least four different kinds of materials
5. Must be small/light enough to be carried by no more than two people

Two groups got to work on their creations. One team chose to work in the Maker Lab and other group worked in the large room 206/207.

After giving the teams time to work on the project, it was time for judges to examine the finished projects.

After careful deliberation the team with the vehicle that ran on a track won.

Both projects were innovative and functioned as planned. Good work everyone!

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