August 15, 2018


Save the Date – Fall Student Innovation Project Fair (SIP)

The Student Innovation Project (SIP) Fair is a event to show off semesters of student’s hard work and innovative ideas. In preparation, students conduct extensive research and overcome challenges as they strive to innovate new ideas and products that aim to bridge gaps within their fields. Senior level students are coached and supported throughout the process and they learn to question their concepts and develop skills to move their projects forward. The upcoming SIP Fair for the Fall 2017 semester takes place on Dec. 7, in the UAT Theater. It is an all-day event, starting at 10:30 a.m. through the…

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DV film “Toppled” Now Online

Back in 2016, UAT’s Digital Video Program teamed up with repeat collaborator Ayman Samman to produce a short film inspired by the “Arab Spring,” called “Toppled.” Samman, who starred in UAT productions such as “Parallax” and “Red Sand” before landing a plum role in Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, was inspired to write “Toppled” after a scary brush with the chaos of the Arab Spring in his home country of Egypt. Seeing his homeland erupt into turmoil and being evacuated by the US State Department, followed by what looked to be truly democratic elections in Egypt being undermined by military dictatorship inspired…

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Veterans Day Celebration at UAT

Join UAT Foundation and Warriors Heart in acknowledging Veterans Appreciation Day! We know that active military, veterans, and first responders have a thirst to learn about technology. This year, UAT is excited to host a Veterans Day Open House and Silent Auction Fundraiser on Thursday, Nov. 9, in an equal partnership formed between the UAT Foundation and Warriors Heart Foundation. We invite any active military, veterans, and first responders to the Veterans Day Open House to celebrate our military locally and to learn more about cyber security. As a military-friendly school, UAT is excited to host a military-centric open house…

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New DV Work: Calico – Short Sci-Fi Drama Film

With a near future utopia on the verge of collapse, a troubled man must convince his eldest sibling into reverse engineering a revolution. Written directed by KIllian Davies, “Calico” explores concepts of identity and gender while providing a glimpse into a possible future in which ego prevails. Produced by Davies and Brandon Scott. Cinematography by Paul Lopez. Edited by Patrick Kebert. Link to this post!Related Posts5 Advantages of Private Education 5 Tips for Working Adults Going Back to School Getting an Artificial Intelligence Degree at UAT Alternative Careers for Game Development Majors 5 Tips for Launching Your Cyber Security Career

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Conservation and Zoos, Taught by Professor Drew Foster

Zoos and Conservation by Drew Foster

Next Spring, students will have the option to study a new class called Conservation and Zoos, taught by Professor Drew Foster. Drew has served as Animal Curator at the Phoenix Zoo since 2011. Prior to working at Phoenix Zoo, he served as the Collection Manager of Herpetology at Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo and also worked at Lincoln Park Zoo and Santa Barbara Zoo working with a wide variety of animals. Drew’s professional goal is to lead a team dedicated to advancing animal care and conservation through public education, animal collection management, and scientific research. In addition to his work at…

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Professional Clothing Drive on Friday to Prepare for Career Fair

It’s almost Career Week! Faculty and staff have searched through their closets for clean, professional clothing they no longer use. Come out this Friday, Oct. 27 in Student Services to select an item to prepare for Career Week, which starts on Monday! The Fall Career Fair is quickly approaching on Nov. 1. It’s important to look professional at the Career Fair! You can attend the Men’s Warehouse Dress for Success event to learn more. Click to find more details on the Career Fair. Link to this post!Related PostsVoice Recognition – AI for Audio Alumni Highlight: Gage Roland 7th Annual Tempe…

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A Look Back at DV’s “Fallout”

8 years ago today on October 24th, 2009, we began production on our first all-greenscreen film, “Fallout” (not related to the videogame series but nonetheless set in a post-apocalyptic future). It was the start of a new direction for the Digital Video Program, one that placed greater emphasis on visual effects filmmaking and on creating a professional production experience for students that would span the last few semesters of their academic career at the University. “Fallout” was an experiment. It could have ended in utter failure but we all still would have learned a ton from it. It would end…

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Security on Consumer Handhelds

security on consumer handhelds and cell phones

Blog written by student Michael Bradley, UAT Network Security/ Network Engineering student Network Security is a growing field and with the increase in cyber warfare, it’s not slowing down. There has been a call to arms for more qualified applicants to enter the job market. Currently, one the main issues that we face is consumer privacy, which includes encryption, email privacy, and call privacy. There are a lack of consumer items on the market that can fulfill this security for its consumers. What I am currently brainstorming is a cellular device and laptop with the perfect level of privacy and…

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Bringing the AZ Capitol to Life with DV Magic

A few weeks into the Fall semester, Dr. Bolman emailed me and asked “What do you think about making a talking CGI Arizona Capitol building?” to which I said “Huh?” Turned out Thrillist had named our capitol building one of the ugliest in the nation, and Phoenix’s own “Hip Historian” Marshall Shore had taken exception to this. He had mentioned to Dr. Bolman the idea of doing a video rebuttal featuring the puppet version of the Hip Historian interviewing the maligned capitol about the Thrillist article. At which point Dr. Bolman brought it to me and my team of students to…

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CollegeHack: Dealing with Stress in Positive Ways

Being a student can be a full-time job and for others enrolled in college, there may be other important external responsibilities such as jobs, families, and military obligations pulling them in many different directions. Not to mention that news and social media are full of negativity, and it’s easy to find yourself depressed and directly affected by the chaos happening around us. Make sure to listen to your own emotions and care for your own mental health. Here are some ways to bring comfort back into a turbulent day, week or month. Don’t miss meals. You’ll be happier and healthier…

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