August 15, 2018


Preparing for a Career as a Disney Imagineer

UAT Student Brett Butler’s experiences at Disney theme parks, resorts and cruises inspired him to join the maker movement. His dream job? “Working at Disney as an Imagineer!” The term Imagineer combines imagination and engineer. Brett definitely fits that description. Brett likes to make stuff, which makes him a perfect fit for the Digital Maker and Fabrication (DMF) program here at UAT. Since he arrived on campus in the fall of 2017, Brett has spent hours tinkering away in the UAT Maker Lab. He loves playing with the laser cutter and Formlabs high resolution stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. Brett has…

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How Zoos Support Conservation

End-Ordovician, Late Devonian, Permian-Triassic, Triassic-Jurassic, Cretaceous-Tertiary—the first five mass extinctions led us to where we are now: in the thick of the sixth mass extinction, also known as the Holocene. This current and ongoing extinction event differs from its predecessors because it is driven primarily by human impacts to the environment. “We’re losing species that serve important ecological roles at alarming rates. The cascading effects directly impact humans,” said Drew Foster, an animal curator at the Phoenix Zoo and adjunct biology professor at the University of Advancing Technology. According to Foster, insects are really important. We count on them to…

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Are University Career Services Letting Students Down?

“Follow your passion.” “Take this personality test.” “You will make $75,000.” “Add an objective statement to your resume.” “Just keep applying to jobs online.” “Never give up.” Traditionally, higher education moves slow. But the job market does not. How can university career services departments adapt to better prepare students for the job search grind? Build community. It’s tough to get a job that you actually want by submitting applications into the internet void, even if you optimize your resume with keywords. According to Glassdoor, each corporate online job posting attracts 250 applications. Of those applicants, four to six get interviews….

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10 Tips for Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

Freshman year can be tough: difficult discussions, homesickness, tough curriculum, late nights, new faces, a few extra lbs. Not to worry! UAT freshman share their insights on how to survive your freshman year. 1. Build Community Research your local city’s tech/art/dev/business community. If you’re lucky enough to find a group like #yesphx, then join it! Human beings are the best resource. As a freshman studying cyber security, Ashley Pearson wanted to find like-minded security professionals to connect with online and at events. As soon as she got to campus, she immediately embedded herself in the Phoenix cyber security community. She…

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Alumni Highlight: Josh Milano

Game Art Alumni Josh Milano

Game Art and Animation alumni Josh Milano was recently hired as an Image Processing Specialist at Cranial Technologies, a company providing a non-surgical treatment option for children with plagiocephaly using the with the FDA-cleared DOC Band®. What Are Your Job Responsibilities? Utilizing 3D models of patients (example: children with deformed skulls), I take the head, align it to a grid and places points for measuring length, width, and asymmetry. I, then export the data for reports. What Do You Miss About UAT? What I miss the most about UAT would be the community that helped me grow as a person. Since graduation…

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Voice Recognition – AI for Audio

Voice recognition is a prominent technology that is being used in more and more places today. There is voice recognition for recognizing the speaker. This type of voice recognition is used for security (physical access and access to files in computer network). This is also evolving to give specific instructions/information to the speaker as well. There is voice recognition for translation, as well. This allows for written transcripts of audio events. The benefits are not limited to ADA compliance but useful for translating into other languages and to have a searchable transcript of an event. In both cases, artificial intelligence…

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Alumni Highlight: Gage Roland

Gage graduated from UAT in May 2017, as a dual major in Advancing Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction. As a student, Gage had a known presence at UAT as a veteran Student Ambassador, giving tours to new students and their families. Gage was hired as a Data Analyst at Omni ePartners, a broker company that works with brands to sell products through Amazon US, Canada, Fresh, and other online vendors like and Walmart. What Does A Data Analyst Do? As a data analyst, Gage generates back-end reports from Amazon to find financial trends in the companies we work…

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7th Annual Tempe Geeks Night Out

It’s the time of year again! UAT is excited once again to participate and sponsor Tempe Geeks Night Out. UAT will have lots of cool tech to show off such as activities in Virtual Reality, Robotics, 3D Printing, Sustainability and Math! Join Tempe’s Geeks Night Out in its 7th year running, presented by the Arizona Sci-Tech Festival showcasing all things STEAM-related. If you don’t know what STEAM means, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. As technology becomes more and more immersed in today’s world, STEAM jobs will be in extremely high demand and luckily for UAT students,…

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This Musical Tesla Coil Circuit Plays Tetris Theme Song

Musical Tesla Coil Circuit

Blog post by Robotics student Brandon Mickelsen There’s always something awesome happening in the robotics lab at UAT. As a robotics major, it’s so much fun to be a part of it. One of my most recent projects was something I’ve been meaning to build since high school, a musical Tesla Coil. You may have heard of Tesla Coils. They’re essentially large coils of wire that steps up a low voltage power source into a much, much higher voltage – on the order of thousands of volts. The coils often produce a corona discharge (an electrical arc that looks like…

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UAT CCDC Team Places 3rd, Qualifying for Regionals

2018 CCDC Qualifier

The results are in! Out of 17 teams competing in the CCDC Qualifier, UAT had to place 8th or better… UAT placed 3rd overall and took 1st in the defense category. Congrats to this amazing group of dedicated Network Security students. Currently UAT is the top Arizona College coming out of the 2018 CCDC Qualifier. Next stop is the regionals. Here are the standings: 1 – Cal Poly Pomona 2 – Stanford Univ. 3 – University of Advancing Tech 4 – CSU Northridge 5 – UC Riverside 6 – San Diego State Univ. 7 – National Univ. 8 – Arizona…

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