September 25, 2018

Opportunity is Right in Front of You

Opportunity is Right in Front of You

Every moment we are observing the world around us. Suddenly, we might recognize something that is strange, problematic or simply curious. Our minds are stimulated. The cognitive switch begins processing information and then takes a brief pause. The pause allows awareness to respond. This can be accomplished sitting at our desks, working out at the gym, caring for others, or during a time of reflection.

Awareness is an abstraction of things—or a concept. Awareness can also be propelled by a driving need to do something about what we observed. Doing something activates creative ideas. Acting on creative ideas brings about innovation. Otherwise, an idea may be simply cast to the wind.

People who ruminate over opportunities and actively seek solutions that become products or projects are innovators.

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Opportunity Awareness

To effectively develop skills for identifying innovative opportunities, insight and clarity are needed to grasp multiple perspectives about the opportunity. On a practical level, first set out to identify issues within your line of work. What could you act on?

What might the concept look like? Who would use it and how would it benefit them?

Now apply what you observe as an opportunity by taking the following steps:
1. How can you apply a systematic process to observe opportunities?
2. What is missing (gap) in your field of expertise that might be viable opportunities?
3. Can these opportunities be resolved with your current skill sets?
4. Are you interested in learning new skills to implement concepts to solve what is missing or fill a gap?
5. What new skills might these be?

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