October 21, 2018

New Movie Tuesday: CRIMINAL

This week’s New Movie Tuesday is one of UAT Digital Video’s 48-hour films. This one hails from last Summer’s IFP 48-Hour “Beat the Clock” Challenge, where the parameters were that every film needed to include a fountain drink (the prop) and “Hey, get back here!” (the line of dialogue). UAT’s entry “Criminal” was directed by student Darien Marion and stars alum Jace Oppie, UAT fave Steve Briscoe, and students Saphire Tillmon and Daniel Hall. The film was improvised on the spot as the crew was setting up, and then was filmed in a number of takes where the actors riffed on the previous improvisation. It’s a simple set up and a simple premise, with a couple of┬áridiculous characters.

IFP Awards

Awards for IFP 48- Hour Films

The film won two awards, Best Actor for our pal Briscoe, and the Audience Award. As usual, our DV students do us proud and represent UAT in the local film community by competing not against other students but against other budding professionals and even some seasoned vets.

Check out “Criminal” on YouTube or Vimeo!

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