July 18, 2018

New Movie Tuesday: BUDDY SYSTEM

The Digital Video Program kicks off a new feature this month called “New Movie Tuesday!” Every Tuesday, a “new” movie hits our YouTube channel – we say “new” because these movies typically have been on the film festival circuit for about a year before finally being released publicly on the web. This week’s film is no exception!

“Buddy System” is a 6-minute zombie short very much inspired by The Walking Dead. Originally written by Professor Paul DeNigris for the students to produce as part of the Summer 2013 IFP 48-Hour Film Challenge, the film was resurrected after the 48-hour version failed to live up to expectations. As student team reanimated the concept in the Fall 2013 semester, this time with Professor DeNigris directing. Every group of students usually gets an opportunity to work on set under DeNigris’ direction, a great example of how the DV Program emphasizes hands-on learning and on-set, professional-quality experiences. There are some things that are better taught in the thick of a project than in the classroom!

“Buddy System” features two of UATDV’s frequent collaborators, Bill Wetherill and Eli Godfrey, as survivors of the zombie apocalypse who cross paths under the most dire of circumstances and make an agreement to see each other through to the bitter end. It also features Paul and a group of the students as the living dead, with makeup created by Professor Sharon Bolman and her Special Effects Makeup class!

DV Zombies

DV Zombies

And still another class, Professor Kyle Colley and his Sound Design students, created the film’s all-important soundscape.

Check out the film on YouTube or Vimeo! And then watch a cool behind the scenes vlog of the makeup effects created for the film!

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