July 18, 2018

KalqueLord, Created in UAT Game Studios


The summer semester is winding down, but many UAT Game Studios development teams are still hard at work trying to complete as much work on their games as possible before the Greenlight Celebration at the Game On Expo.

Each semester, student game developers pitch a game concept to UAT Game Studios Professors hoping to be greenlit into production for the semester. At the end of the term, each team lead presents their game build, hands out team awards and demos the game for the public.

During this summer session, six games were created and developed over 15 weeks.

The games made over summer semester are: Reign & Rebellion (3rd person, multiplayer, action game with a pair of industry veterans as the product owners), Operation: Red Rhino (1st person, multiplayer shooter that focuses on a node-based map selection system), Call Center Simulator (a VR shooter that has paired with alumni-founded Monster Vault Entertainment), Morpheus (a 3rd-person puzzle/ adventure game), World of Martz (a 3rd-person multiplayer fighting game built in Unreal), and KalqueLord.

KalqueLord is a game that was developed for an external client, which serves an impressive example for their resumes.

“KalqueLord is an engine that turns students, teachers and parents into heroes.”

KalqueLord Town Assets

According to team lead Donald Schepis, KalqueLord is an edu-tainment application designed to empower students to engage with learning content at their own pace and give teachers the tools to easily personalize instruction. By taking the feedback loop found in role-playing games and merging it with a math curriculum, KalqueLord gives students a visualization for the progress they make and put the drive to excel in their hands.

Students earn points to purchase items and equipment to power up their characters, allowing them to face greater challenges and push themselves beyond their limits. With a ground-level teacher integration, almost every element of KaluqueLord can be easily customized for a student by an instructor, from the amount and type of content assigned to students, the focus of their day-to-day practice, to even the rewards they earn for both individual and group progress. KalqueLord will provide students with the opportunity to exceed the normal pace of a classroom while allowing teachers to provide the individualized support every child needs.

To get valuable feedback, the developers have invited a group of children from the Sunshine Acres Children’s Home to UAT on Aug. 11, to playtest UAT Game Studios games. This is the fourth time this group of kids have acted as official playtesters. They enjoy the ability to try out new games and ask questions or provide feedback directly to the developers.

Check out more information on the client’s game KalqueLord on their website.

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