October 16, 2018

Indie Alumni Game Studio Live in the Game Releases New Game “Lunarsea”

Lunarsea by Live in the Game Studios, UAT Game Design alumni

Live in the Game, an alumni indie game studio, is especially excited about the recent release of their first published title “Lunarsea©,” which began development at the Global Game Jam in January 2017.

Lunarsea© is a mobile/PC game aiding Cthulhu on his quest to steal the moon; Wry Reveries™, a point-and-click adventure game following the famous Edgar Allan Poe in a fictional series; and Model Weapons Expert™, where you follow a PTSD ex-soldier in a PC and VR world that is coming later in development.

See a highlight here from RealOtakuGamer.com.

Cthulhu is on the run after stealing the moon! Use the moon to influence the waves to avoid missiles and jagged rocks down below and other obstacles to your survival.

Lunarsea by Live in the Game Studios, UAT Game Design alumni

Lunarsea by Live in the Game Studios, UAT Game Design alumni

Enjoy two different gameplay modes as you make your way through the increasingly challenging levels that test your abilities.

The main campaign will follow the adventure of Cthulhu who stole the moon due to his need for the power to control waves on his own planet in his own galaxy and finds himself on Earth while he attempts to escape from NASA and other enemies in his path.

The endless runner mode will allow players to control Cthulhu as they challenge personal records for distance for themselves and others playing the game and this also facilitates harvesting coins for upgrades for use in the game.

Live in the Game, LLC™ indie game studio was founded in 2015 at UAT by alumnus Benjamin Pope, who Majored in Game Design and also studied in Game Art and Programming areas. Most members of the studio are UAT alumni who have worked on the majority of our games. Please see the team portion of this blog for a list of members.

Our team is spread across the country consisting of a small core team supported by contractors and/or interns. Live in the Game™ Studio is also connected to game devs at Denver University due to the owner relocating to his hometown.

Over two years after its founding, Live in the Game™ has made milestones. They have become publishers on Google, Apple and Steam with a couple studio copyrights. Lunarsea received accolades from DreamHack Denver 2017 for Best Casual Game in the Indie Playground.

You can help support these UAT alumni on their campaigns here:

Kickstarter – coming soon

You can also support them by joining Live in the Game™ and following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr and connecting with our team to give us your input and share our projects with others:

Lunarsea© team:
Creative Director
Benjamin Pope

Brock Soicher (Project Lead)
Derek Strobel
David Donnely
Joe “iOS Savior” Yates (Producer)

Dylan Wray
Lucas Ciarlante

Game Designers:
Jeremy Salo
Xaiver Kircher

Kasey Harris (Lead)
Lars Brady
Benjamin Pope
Jordan Ipson

Lydia Roa-Netherton
David R. Brown Jr.

QA Tester:
Bryan Jackson
David R. Brown Jr.

Ben Pope
Zac Cooke

Current Studio-Related members:

UAT Alumni Studio Members:

Benjamin Pope – CEO/Founder/Creative Director
Dave Brown – Vice – President
Lydia Roa-Netherton – Marketing Director
James Simpson – Director of Technology (PC Division)
Alex Thompson – Director of Operations
Karl Rocco – Director of Operations
Joe Yates – Director of Technology (PC Division/Mobile)
Kasey Harris – Art Director
Brandi Setinc – Lead Artist
Lucas Ciarlante – Studio Lead Audio Engineer

Non-UAT Alumni Studio Members/Affiliates:

Down-Right Fierce Gaming – Advertiser
Real Otaku Gamer/Andre Tipton – Online Game Reviewer
Bryan Jackson – Game Testing Intern
Demi Du – Texture and 3D Artist Contractor
Greg Arnold – Voice Actor Contractor
Ismael Gil Morillo – 2D Environment Artist Contractor
Jameson Smith – Web Designer Contractor
Juan Vilella – General Artist Contractor
Nick Galbraith – 3D Artist Contractor
Xaiver Kircher – Lead Designer
Robert Sebik – Lead Character Artist and Animator

Some of Live in the Game™’s other projects include:
Mirrored: The Reflective Resolution© – mirroredgame.com
Mirrored Pop-Up Play™ – www.mirrored-pup.com
Puppet Master: Demon Reclamation™ – www.puppetmaster-dr.com
Map of Games©
Wry Reveries™ – www.wryreveries.com
Model Weapons Expert™ – www.modelweaponsexpert.com

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