September 25, 2018

Importance of Professional Networking

By: Dr. Mark S. Smith, Business Technology Program Champion

We spend most of our lives gaining knowledge and learning from our experiences. Our wisdom gained is essential for performing a wealth of duties or tasks for various job roles and even entrepreneurship. These skills and abilities are priceless and have been forged by making mistakes, getting educated and experiencing life.

We spend so much time preparing and tooling ourselves for what life may bring hoping for a career that will give us fulfillment and financial security. Having hope is great as it is a positive reinforcement but there is something you can do to give yourself a higher chance of getting where you want to be career wise.

Networking is the key element that every successful person has utilized to get where they want to go. Getting into any company or position it is always more helpful to have someone on the inside of that company advocating for you. Professional networking is something that you should be doing all the time and everywhere you go. Many of these connections and interactions will never be utilized or yield any gain for either party but, the time that it can you have that connection to reach out to. This web of professionals that you build can be utilized for finding a specific job, getting certain information or getting guidance when needed. In general people like to help others and these connections give you and the people in your professional network the ability to do that.

The most successful entrepreneurs and professionals in every industry got where they are from harnessing their network connections. No one is successful on their own they need help and guidance from others to get where they want to be. Successful people recognize this and welcome the aid from their connections. So, get out there on your LinkedIn or any professional networking site and start making connections. The more the merrier as you want the biggest network possible in various industries so you have a wide range of resources to call on when needed.

Along with Business Technology Professor Mark Smith, UAT offers Career Services assistance for students and alumni. Reach out to UAT Career Services Advisor Ashley Murry for help with your resume, interviewing tips and networking skills.


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