September 25, 2017

Help Falls – An Interactive Short Film

Help Falls

Jordan Wippell and Brandon Scott, together who form Brandingo Films, have started composing their Student Innovation Project (SIP), which is required of all students in order to graduate from University of Advancing Technology. The two UAT Digital Video students are proud to announce their next project, Help Falls, an Interactive Short Film.

Here’s the premise:

Following a tragedy, Miles and his wife Alice make their way to a romantic escape. They pass a sign for “America’s Best Kept Secret”… What lies ahead are answers to questions Miles did not know he had.

Help Falls looks to create a compelling interactive short film that combines six sub-genres of horror into 1 cinematic experience. The film will utilize mosaic storytelling to bring viewer participation to a whole new level. It will feature up to 30 possible endings and multiple decision making opportunities throughout.

The prototype/teaser video below is intended to showcase what the opening of Help Falls may look like and present to viewers how the choices mechanic will work on screen.

In order to get the word out about this film, the duo has released a teaser video. Take a look below!

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Brandon Scott and Jordan Wippell

Brandon Scott and Jordan Wippell















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