May 22, 2018

Game Design Student Ranked Top 8 in VR Tournament – Finals This Weekend!

The Unspoken VR

Game Programming student and avid gamer Jesse Rogers put his skills to the test in The Unspoken VR game tournament against other local gamers taking first in the local and regional competitions. These consecutive wins secured Jesse a spot in the Top 8 to complete in the Finals this weekend in New York City.

The Unspoken VR, played on Oculus Rift, is holding a nationwide tournament hosted by Insomniac games, Microsoft and Oculus. The game is a 1v1 magic throwing player vs player game and the winner takes the best of three rounds.

Jesse had never played this game before, but said he is pretty good at games and he also has some experience with Virtual Reality in games he’s developed for the HTC Vive in the UAT Game Studios class. After two days of practice, Jesse participated at the Scottsdale Microsoft store and won the tournament’s first round, advancing to the regional bracket where he then played against players at nine other Microsoft stores.

UAT Game Design student Jesse Rogers

UAT Game Design student Jesse Rogers

What’s even more impressive is that Jesse beat the third ranked player in the world during the regional competition. Good job Jesse! We guess he is pretty good at games.

This weekend, join UAT in rooting on Jesse as he battles against seven other contenders!

Keep up with Jesse’s progress on Twitch, tune in at 3:00 p.m. ET (12:00 p.m. PT) on June 3 with live shoutcasting by Siefe and OpticJ.

Good luck to Jesse Rogers a.k.a. CloudExSolider representing the West A region.


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