September 25, 2018

Game Art Alumni Describes Dream Job as AAA Texture Artist

Game Art and Animation Alumni from University of Advancing Technology

Dennis Porter, an alumni who studied Game Art & Animation at UAT, graduated in December 2013. Since gaining experience in the field over the last few years, Dennis has learned a lot about what it takes to break into the AAA Game Industry as an artist. In case you weren’t aware, it’s quite the competitive market to land your dream job.

Currently, Dennis is working as Texture Artist at Certain Affinity Game Studio in Austin, Texas, where he works on a team of four members who are responsible for creating physically accurate textures for the studio’s projects. Dennis collaborates with the texturing team, world builders, tech artists, producers and art leads to make sure everything is being received properly.

“I really enjoy the culture here. Our management is very experienced which keeps us from having to work overtime, a sacrifice that is fairly common in this industry. Everyone at Certain Affinity is very friendly, has lots of experience and is willing to help and learn from each other,” Dennis said.

Game Art Alumni Describes Dream Job as AAA Texture Artist

Game Art Alumni Dennis Porter

Dennis said his current position was achieved through a culmination of experiences as he hopped between smaller indie studios for a couple of years and even took a year-long absence from work to focus on skill building before applying for and feeling eligible for his current position.

Dennis feels the GAA degree helped prepare him for his current job because he was able to build a generalist skill set, including rigging, animation, scripting, modeling, texturing, while he had the freedom to specialize in one specific discipline, such as environment art.


ARK Forge Render

“Having a generalist skill set allowed me to more easily integrate into indie studios which I used as a stepping stone to get into my current AAA studio. I should note however it is important to specialize into one or two disciplines if your goal is to work at a AAA studio,” Dennis said.


Some of the most recent titles Dennis has worked on are:

  • Call of Duty: Remastered: Dennis was responsible for texturing many of the assets in a number of the single player maps.
  • Mafia III: Worked on environment texturing and collision.
  • ARK: Survival Evolved: Created models and textures for some of the crafting stations and other items in the game.

You can view more of Dennis Porter’s work on his professional portfolio.


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