September 19, 2017

G33K Squad Competes in Southwest VEX U Tournament

UAT G33K Squad at Southwest VEX U Tournament

UAT’s Robotics Team, the G33K Squad, took a road trip to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to compete in the Southwest VEX U Tournament on March 4, 2017.

The team, along with Professors Jill Coddington and Mark Fedasiuk, spent a fun day of competing for a chance to win a spot in the VEX U World Championship.

There were 12 University teams competing in this competition. Each team participated in six matches. The Southwest VEX U Tournament is the only regional tournament in our area.

How does the Southwest VEX U Tournament work? There are two parts to the competition – autonomous and skills. The autonomous portion is where the robot has been pre-programmed to compete and runs completely on its own without intervention.

The second part is the skills competition. Two students control the robots – one for movement, one for controlling the “shovel” which lifts the objects over the barrier. When objects cross over the barrier, points are scored.

UAT Robotics team - The G33K Squad at Southwest VEX U

UAT Robotics team – The G33K Squad at Southwest VEX U

How’d the team do?

“We made the finals! This is a big deal in the VEX U Competition so we were thrilled to get to participate in two more rounds of competition. Overall, we placed 8th,” said Coddington.

This was a good showing and we are pleased at how the team came together to compete. Congrats to the team for a magnificent effort!


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