June 23, 2018

Future You University Returns to UAT

Future You University

Future You University (Future You U) is an event designed to introduce University life experiences to female middle school STEM students.  

To be chosen to participate, these girls had to be active in a STEM group, be recommended by their STEM Program champion and principal, desire a STEM related career, and write an essay on why they should be considered. The event takes place over a long weekend at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe.

The girls stay in the dorms, eat in the café, and participate in many STEM-related seminars on campus. These include building robots, learning future trends in bio technology, learning to program GUIs, watching robot demonstrations, experiencing network security issues, playing in the maker space, film editing in the digital video lab, watching a 3D printer demonstration and more.  

UAT Welcomes Southern Colorado Girls STEM Initiative to Future You University

UAT Welcomes Southern Colorado Girls STEM Initiative to Future You University

They also will have fun activities such as racing veggie cars, an afternoon water event and hiking in the South Mountain Park. This is an experience that most would not have the opportunity to do and will broaden their horizons in many ways, including, for many, their first plane flight and first time to Arizona. 

The goal is to get these girls, many from low income households, to learn about college, STEM subjects, and ultimately encourage them to both go to college and to pursue a STEM-related career. 

Professor Jill Coddington is the main organizer of this event for young female STEM students. She said, “I’ve heard feedback that two girls who are from quite humble backgrounds have said the 2016 Future You U Camp opened their eyes. Their grades have improved even further and they are already working with their high school counselors to figure out how they can earn a college degree. These two girls said they never had really considered college until this event because they didn’t know anyone who had gone to college.”

In the words of former participants, “Future You U gave us the insight and belief in ourselves to grow wings to expand beyond anything we imagined before it.”

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