September 25, 2018

Founder’s Game Jam

Founders Game Jam at UAT

The 2017 Founder’s Game Jam took place at UAT the weekend of Sept. 22- 24 spreading a spark of game development inspiration around campus.

This year’s theme was plants. Students had 48-hours, beginning on Friday afternoon, and ending on Sunday evening, to break into teams, come up with an idea, assign jobs and get to work. Because the fall semester had just began, it was exciting to see many new faces creating games together in the commons over the weekend.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of first time game jammers and first semester students that decided to give their first game jam a shot. Many of the veteran game jammers partnered with the newer students and mentored them,” said Adam Moore, UAT Game Design alumni and IGDA Phoenix advocate for UAT.

There were 9 games created including Duke of Daisy, Up Rooted, Heart of Shambala, Farn, Bovine Savior, Vegano vs. Nature, Plot Twist and Boogie Beetle and the Bionic Tree. You can view the current submissions here.

Duke of Daisy - Game Jam winner at UAT

Duke of Daisy – Game Jam winner at UAT

Here are the game jam winners:

· Duke of Daisy – won best game overall.
· Up Rooted – won best use of theme
· Heart of Shambala – won best art
· Farn – won the café prize

Congratulations to all the winners and good work to all game jam participants!


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