May 24, 2018

First-Time College Bound? Set Yourself Up For Success at UAT!

It’s almost back to school time and UAT will be welcoming lots of new faces to campus. Being a new student on campus is exciting, but can be intimidating. That’s why we compiled a list of tips to help new students succeed in their first semester at UAT.

How to Make the Most of Freshman Year at the University of Advancing Technology:

  1. Participate in Connect – UAT holds a welcome orientation called “Connect” to acclimate new students with our tech-filled campus.
  2. Ask for help – UAT professors, advisors, and tutors are extremely approachable, just ask for assistance! Many professors prefer to work in the Commons in between classes, where students can easily spot them.
  3. Go to class – that’s why you’re here! Some classes offer blended models for learning, but there are way less distractions when students actually attend class in person.
  4. Don’t procrastinate – avoid the extra stress of waiting until the last minute, get organized and get your assignments completed early to avoid missed points on late work. This is good practice for the real world.
  5. Be social – don’t hide in your dorm room, college is the time to explore interests, make friends, get involved on campus.
  6. Join a club or create your own – find a club that meets your interests. If nothing sounds cool to you, you can start your own! Attend the Student Activities Council meetings for more information.
  7. Sleep – don’t pull all-nighters very often.
  8. Don’t pack your schedule – don’t take on too much, find a balance of fun and course work responsibilities.
  9. Avoid excessive TV viewing – remember to balance your schedule, too much TV means less time for studies, sleep and fun.
  10. Eat a vegetable – pizza, soda and coffee do not make up the food pyramid, add some greens to the mix, avoid the freshman 15 and feeling down that your clothes don’t fit.
  11. Don’t drink or do drugs – it’s a dry campus after all, but you won’t be in the right mindset to learn if you are under the influence or recovering from a hangover.
  12. Be smart with credit cards – this will come back to haunt you, get a part time job to buy the necessities! UAT offers many opportunities for employment on campus.

The staff at Founder’s Hall are excited for you to arrive at the end of August! Follow UAT on Facebook and Twitter to connect with current students, faculty and staff.

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