October 17, 2017

DV students hit El Rey Network with “Up Route”

In the Spring of 2015, UAT filmmakers Jordan Wippell and Brandon Scott lead a team of their fellow students to make “Up Route” for the Inter-College 48 Hour Film Challenge. The film won multiple awards, including Best Film, and then went on to be screening in over 16 film festivals worldwide and received BEST STUDENT SHORT at Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival in Chicago.

But the little film just keeps chugging along, having caught the eye of the folks at Robert Rodriguez‘s El Rey Network. Rodriguez is one of the filmmakers studied in UAT’s DV program, as he is a great example of embracing new technologies (such as virtual sets) to tell compelling stories. In fact one of the first lessons in DVA101 is about how to use your “Rodriguez List” to build your script around items you already have in your possession – based on how Rodriguez himself did much the same when making his debut feature El Mariachi.

Watch below as Jordan and Brandon chat up the folks at El Rey and show off “Up Route” on “TPN Suspense Edition” – which will also air on El Rey on July 30th!

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