May 22, 2018

Digital Video Students Win Big at Spring Inter-College 48 Hour Film Challenge

Two teams of UAT Digital Video Students competed against five teams of students from Grand Canyon University in the Spring 2017 Inter-College 48 Hour Film Challenge. This latest installment of the epic crosstown rivalry that has erupted every Fall and Spring since 2011 was a winner for the UATDV family as one of the 2 teams brought home awards for Best Technical and Best Film.

On location for "A Friendly Game"

On location for “A Friendly Game”

The rules of the competition, like all 48 hour challenges, dictated that the team incorporate a specific prop and a specific line of dialogue into their script. In this case the prop was a mirror and the line was “After all, tomorrow is another day.” Given the choice of two genres – Western or Fantasy – the winning team lead by director Alex Fillicetti and cinematographer Killian Davies chose to spin a Western noir tale about a downtrodden gambler who encounters Death himself and challenges him to “A Friendly Game.”

At stake in the competition, as always, were the bragging rights to besting our crosstown rivals. GCU and UAT have swapped wins over and over to the point that this clash has become legendary enough to scare off the other film schools here in the Valley. To challenge GCU and UAT at this point would be a bit like coming between King Kong and Godzilla.

The winning team with their trophies

The winning team with their trophies

Pictured above are Alex Fillicetti, Robert San Pedro, Killian Davies, Tony Bonano, Alex Beaver, and Chase Harper with the trophies for Best Technical and Best Film. By virtue of winning Best Film, the team brought home the coveted POV Cup (in Fillicetti’s hand) and returned it to its rightful place in the awards case outside our Greenscreen Studio. There it will reside until Fall 2017 and the next chapter of this epic clash of the film school titans!

Meanwhile the team will be polishing up some of the rough edges on “A Friendly Game” and we’ll release it on YouTube later this Summer. Stay tuned.


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