August 18, 2018


DEF CON 2015

DEF CON is one of the oldest and largest continuously running hacker conventions around. UAT is making yet another appearance at DEF CON to connect with alumni as well as many like minded technology-driven individuals.

Originally started in 1993 by The Dark Tangent, DEF CON is a unique experience for each con-goer. Virtually all events at DEF CON were conceived by the attendees. Some people play capture the flag 24×7, while many people never touch a computer at DEF CON. Some people see every speech they can, while others miss all speeches. Other activities include contests, movie marathons, scavenger hunts, sleep deprivation, lock picking, warez trading, drunken parties, spot the fed contest, the official music events. Because DEF CON is what the attendees make of it, there are more events than even we are aware of.



The UAT booth was a popular spot last year with our selection of witty t-shirts, tech swag and information on attending UAT to study Cyber Security.

Remember to only bring cash unless you don’t mind having your credit cards compromised by thousands of hackers. Use care when attempting to access wireless Internet during DEF CON, many hackers are looking for you to login to their network and cause some serious damage to your systems. It’s suggested to not bring or use smartphones, credit cards, laptops, etc to this conference, it’s not worth the risk. Those brave souls who have tried, usually find themselves being blasted on the Wall of Sheep.

What are Goons? They are the staff at DEF CON. They have many roles including safety, speaker coordination, vendor room coordination, network operations, et cetera. Please try to be helpful to them if they make requests of you. If any goon tells you to move, please do so immediately as there may be safety issues they are attempting to address.

There have been roughly 12,000-13,000 attendees in the last few years of DEF CON. DEF CON 22 had a record showing with over 14,500. We can only imagine how many will attend DEF CON this year.

DEF CON 23 takes place Aug. 6-9, at Paris and Bally’s in Las Vegas.


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