July 16, 2018

Cyberpunk Casanova

Cyberpunk Casanova video game

After a long journey, UAT Game Design alumni Godric Johnson is excited to announce that a game demo that he’s been working on for some time called Cyberpunk Casanova is available for download!

Cyberpunk Casanova is a dystopian visual novel that incorporates the goal of creating a visual novel with a western approach. To achieve this and maintain balance with what fans like about the genre, the team decided to contrast the “grimdark” setting with bright and vibrant artwork. The game devs also made a decision to raise the danger level. Choices you make in game will not only influence how a person feels about you, but can also shape future “life or death” scenarios and major events for both you and the NPCs.

Pimpin Scott

Pimpin Scott

Download the Cyberpunk Casanova demo on Jetstreame and get your game on!

Godric Johnson has worked as the Producer and Creative Director for Jetstreame for the last four years. Prior to this experience, Godric worked his way through the industry by teaching game design, working as a graphic designer, artist/animator and game designer for various companies.

Congrats on your game demo release, Godric! We are very excited to see what’s next for Jetstreame.

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