October 17, 2018

Cyber Security Degree Students Capture The Flag For Ethical Hackers

Network Security students learning skills in a Capture the Flag challenge

UAT Network Security students who belong to ethical hacking group ‘Layer8’ have began an intense 3-day worldwide challenge of Capture the Flag (CTF), hosted virtually in Milan, Italy. This is not your childhood game of hiding a red bandana from your opponent in the woods.

This CTF requires the team to solve security-related challenges in Cryptography, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Pwning (exploiting weaknesses), Web Hacking and a Grab Bag of miscellaneous tasks.

The purpose of this CTF is to help security people look at problems differently and determine the techniques and skills that are needed industry wide. There are also prizes awarded to the winners such as Oculus Rifts and Raspberry Pis, but the guys in Layer8 are doing it for the experience and for fun.

Layer 8

Layer8 – Steve Chicosky and Ian Guile working on CTF Challenges

When on the job search, Steve Chicosky said, “Companies are starting to ask if we do these CTF challenges. Some people think these things are easy and they are definitely not.”

Layer 8 consists of UAT students Kenny Welch, Ian Guile, Will Peterson and UAT alumnus Steve Chicosky. These students will volunteer at the upcoming network security convention BlackHat in Las Vegas, and attend DEF CON the week after. At DEF CON, they plan to participate in another CTF challenge under the group Layer8.

Each year DEF CON hosts a huge CTF event for hacker teams to compete in, it’s like the Superbowl of CTF. Winners of the CTF contest receive a black badge to attend DEF CON for life. Like Steve said it’s not as easy as you’d think!

You can learn more about Network Security and ethical hacking here: www.uat.edu/network-security-degree


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