September 25, 2018

Cyber Monday Shopping Safety Tips from UAT Cyber Security Professor

Dr Greg Miles Cyber Security at UAT

The holidays are almost here which means the online shopping season is upon us. With the initiative of free shipping being offered by many retailers, online shopping sure is convenient, but is it safe?

UAT Cyber Security Professor Dr. Greg Miles shares his tips for safe online shopping this Cyber Monday.

1. Shop at reputable sites – check to make sure you are on a secure site and haven’t been redirected somewhere else before entering your personal information
2. Use a credit card with a low credit limit
3. Don’t use a debit card, it’s more difficult to dispute charges and the banks may take longer to issue a refund
4. Use payment apps like Paypal
5. Verify your order before you hit submit, take a screenshot for your records
6. Keep track of your purchases, this is the time of year fraudulent charges can be hidden due to the potential increase
7. Check your card statement to assure that you recognize each charge as one you made

Do your best to safeguard yourself from identity theft and fraudulent charges with these helpful tips this holiday season, but remember it’s a fun time of year. Enjoy the festivities!


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