October 21, 2018

Conservation and Zoos, Taught by Professor Drew Foster

Zoos and Conservation by Drew Foster

Next Spring, students will have the option to study a new class called Conservation and Zoos, taught by Professor Drew Foster.

Drew has served as Animal Curator at the Phoenix Zoo since 2011. Prior to working at Phoenix Zoo, he served as the Collection Manager of Herpetology at Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo and also worked at Lincoln Park Zoo and Santa Barbara Zoo working with a wide variety of animals. Drew’s professional goal is to lead a team dedicated to advancing animal care and conservation through public education, animal collection management, and scientific research.

In addition to his work at Phoenix Zoo, Drew also currently serves as the Chair of the AZA Annual Conference Program Committee, Secretary of the Lizard Advisory Group, Louisiana Pine Snake Studbook Keeper, and an AZA accreditation inspector. He served as instructor for the Herpetology of the Southwest course at the American Museum of Natural History’s Southwest Research Station in 2014 and 2015. Drew has served on a number of professional panels, presented at numerous professional conferences, published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals and been awarded numerous scholarships and grants throughout my career.

Here is the description for the class:
This course will briefly introduce students to basic biological concepts before describing conservation biology and how zoos contribute to conservation. Students will explore and discuss concepts of conservation biology and apply these to describe specific threats to animals (previous and/or ongoing). Students will analyze and evaluate the how zoos have responded to these threat and explain the significance of biological conservation and zoos in our world today.

We’re pretty excited to have his special focus on campus!

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