October 23, 2017

Congrats to SIP Fair Winners – Summer 2016

Summer Student Innovation Projects

The Student Innovation Project, or SIP Fair this semester was an incredible showcase proving just what our talented students can do. They are amazing and this SIP Fair did not disappoint.

Under the guidance of Professor Natasha Vita-More, the summer semester SIP Fair has commenced on a very high note.

Congratulations to all of our senior level students who completed and presented their SIP on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016 in front of faculty, staff and a few parents.

The following students received awards at the Summer 2016 SIP Fair:

  1. “Best in Show” — Loyalty Lies with the Dead: created by Brett Chapman, (Digital Video)
  2. “Most Market Ready” — Dragon Defense: created by Capri Foleno, (Network Security, Network Engineering, Technology Forensics); Jose Mejia, (Network Security, Network Engineering, Technology Forensics); Daniel Molnar, (Robotics); Daniel Howell, (Network Security, Network Engineering, Technology Forensics), and Garrett Elkins, (Network Security)
  3. “Viewer’s Choice” — The Deadliest War: created by Nisa Bernal, (Game Art & Animation) and Justin Trimmer, (Game Programming)
Students were awarded 3d printed tropies at SIP Fair

Students were awarded 3d printed tropies at SIP Fair

Here are the Student Innovation Projects that were presented:

During the early part of the day on Thursday, many professors including Faculty Manager Ally Videtic and General Education Program Champion Craig Belanger created an event for students to showcase their works. Additionally thanks to Abby Pfieffer, Jill Brumand, Mark Smith and Paul DeNigris.

Professor Mark Smith held a Shark Tank event where his students pitched their business ideas to a panel of sharks. This was a great way to prepare these young entrepreneurs for the future. Professor Smith handed out awards to Kenneth Ryan, Rico Cintron, Robert Roland and Ian Fermanich for their pitch.

Creative Writing Roundtable with Professor Craig Belanger

Creative Writing Roundtable with Professor Craig Belanger

Professor Belanger held a Beginning Creative Writing final drafts workshop in a roundtable format. Students got extensive peer reviews from each member of the class on their short stories of 8-10 pages.

Professor DeNigris set up a short movie preview and Q&A with Digital Video student director Killian Davies as he spoke about his award winning film Limelight which won 3 awards at the IFP Phoenix 48 Hour Film Challenge taking home Best Poster, Best Editing for student Andrew Aguirre and Best Picture as well as the first official selection of the 2017 Phoenix Film Festival.

Professor Pfeiffer assigned a unique history project, to create five museum exhibits that showcase how the Classical World impacted modern Western society. At UAT, that will probably involve technology and it sure did! Student Isaac Morales created a simulated game touring a museum.

See Isaac’s project in the YouTube video below.

Also in Professor Pfeiffer’s class, Student Jonathan Weiner created an interactive map on Greek and Roman History. What better way to learn about history than with technology?! Take a look at Jonathan’s map here.

Thanks to all Faculty, Staff and of course the students for making the SIP Fair a successful event once again!

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