September 25, 2017

Congrats Spring SIP Fair Winners

Student Innovation Fair winners - All in Vein

The UAT Student Innovation Project (SIP) Fair was held April 20, showcasing over 20 innovative projects by many graduating students.

This semester, the program was enhanced a bit to provide a unique experience for all UAT students and employees. The presentations were broken into five segments allowing each group time to play the project overview video, present the project and answer questions in the theater followed up by demos and further Q&A’s from judges, staff, professors and fellow students in the commons area.

Student Innovation Fair winners

Student Innovation Fair winners – Morpheus

This year’s winners are as follows:

Viewer’s Choice Award: “All in Vein” by Audrey McEvoy, Game Art & Animation and Noah Stumpf, Game Programming
Description: All in Vein is a 2D platforming game that promotes speed running, the innovation is the ability to dynamically interact and change the levels you play.

Best in Show: “Morpheus” by Julio Ureta, Game Programming
Description: This venture hopes to create a game which can be enjoyed without more experienced players.

Most Market Ready: “Instinct” by Killian Davies, Digital Video and Robert San Pedro, Digital Video
Description: “Instinct” demonstrates the combination of acting, costuming/prosthetic, camera/light techniques, editing, and visual effects to simulate to the audience that a realistic and believable animal is on screen.

Student Innovation Fair winners - Instinct

Student Innovation Fair winners – Instinct

Congratulations to each student who presented and all of the Spring 2017 SIP Fair winners!


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