May 22, 2018

Computer Science Student Ups His Personal Security With YubiKey


There are “hackers” at any college but especially at UAT, where some of the best Network Security, Technology Forensics, Network Engineering and Information Assurance students in the state receive their education.

That’s why Advancing Computer Science student Christopher Peterson decided to get secure with his logins. He uses a product called YubiKey, which looks like a small thumb drive that you plug into your computer and it generates a unique, 44-digit, single-use passcode that provides a second line of security for your logins, beyond a username and password.

“I started using it because I was going to college and their hackers are too good. I didn’t want them to steal my information,” Christopher said.


Christopher explains a little more about two-factor authentication.

Hackers have access to “something you know,” which is your password. however, they don’t have access to “something you have” such as YubiKey or a phone app like Google’s two-factor authorization. Christopher decided the YubiKey was a good defense against any hackers who may be sniffing around campus. A third way to authenticate your account login is with “something you are” like your thumb print or a retina scan.

Google two-factor authentication

Google two-factor authentication

What exactly is YubiKey? It’s a multi-protocol USB security key that offers cryptographic protection and touch-to-sign access to your accounts.

Christopher mentioned that he thinks USB security keys are becoming more popular because lots of news channels have been featuring similar products in news stories to keep citizens aware and protected.

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