May 24, 2018

Chief Science Officer Institute Returns to UAT

Chief Science Officer training at UAT

The CSO Institute is back!

Between 100-200 middle and high school students will be on campus on Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16, preparing to be advocates for STEM. The Chief Science Officer (CSO) program is a project that has been a partnership between UAT and the Arizona Tech Council/AZ SciTech Festival since 2015.

What is uniquely great about this program is that it finds teens who love tech and then gives them a deep dive into leadership, networking, communication, social media skills and some advanced tech, as well). The result is that these future programmers and builders are prepared and energized about being the voices lifting other teens towards technology futures.

Chief Science Officer Institute at UAT

Chief Science Officer Institute at UAT

Here is what Governor Doug Ducey says about this program:

“The CSO program is an innovative, Arizona grown model that we anticipate will transform the STEM Climate. We are proud to be leading the path in providing the nation’s diverse civic STEM leaders.”

The need to build a STEM workforce in Arizona beyond the “usual suspects” in the educational pipeline is a pressing one. Through programs like this CSO event, UAT and its community partners are changing this trajectory.

These young tech leaders are the future of tech in the community. Kudos to them!

To find out more about CSO, click here.

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