May 24, 2018

Bust’a Worm: From Game Jam to Steam Greenlight

Bust'a Worm created in UAT Game Studios

With the popularity of virtual reality devices, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it’s no surprise that UAT Game Studios students are developing games for both platforms in the UAT Game Studio.

Development team Tiny Vision Entertainment created their newest VR game called Bust’a Worm for the HTC Vive in a 48-hour Game Jam held at UAT last year.

Bust’a Worm is a Virtual Reality game played on the HTC Vive where the player can use voice commands to change up their weapon involving spikes, fire, or ice at intimidating alien worms on the attack. Because this game was created in such a short period of time, the team decided to use a worm as the main asset in order to save time on animating arms, legs and facial details.

This game dev team is made up of Game Programmer Jesse Rogers, Game Designers Tyler Feddeler and Valentin Preaux as well as Game Artists Josh Milano and Austin Forster.

Tiny Vision Game Studio working on Bust'a Worm

Tiny Vision Game Studio working on Bust’a Worm at a Game Jam

Since the completion of the game, Bust’a Worm has been demonstrated to Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell as a preview for the mayor’s State of the City Address, play tested at Phoenix Comicon, Game On Expo, Arizona Science Center’s Science With a Twist event and the UAT Experience.

Bust’a Worm was greenlit on Steam Games! The game is in further development and will be released on steam in the future.

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