October 23, 2017

Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza – Now on Google Play

Bubble Wrap PopAPalooza

Do you have friends or siblings who like to pop Bubble Wrap? Most people enjoy this simple, yet satisfying task, which is why it’s the perfect idea for a video game!

Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza” was produced by Ara Shirinian, Principal Designer at WePlay Media and Tyler Weiss, a UAT student dual majoring in Game Programming and Advancing Computer Science, in partnership with Sealed Air, the official Bubble Wrap brand.

Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza is a fun game with fundamentals which resemble the old “Whack A Mole” carnival game but replaces the mole with fun activities and gameplay derived from playing with Bubble Wrap.

“We saw a great opportunity to do something fun with Bubble Wrap and noticed that while there are several Bubble Wrap style games available, none really did the idea of Bubble Wrap justice,” Shirinian said.

Watch the official commercial for Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza!

So how did UAT student Tyler Weiss get involved? He heard about WePlay Media‘s competition for game ideas involving Bubble Wrap. Tyler and friend Mike Citrin were matched up with Ara Shirinian to get started on the project. Over the course of a year, Tyler worked on this game as the lead programmer between taking a full load of classes and working a job on the side. Tyler, Mike, Ara and a few outsourced artists and backend developers were able to bring Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza to completion.

This clever and simple gameplay lets the player go at their own pace, but speeds up the faster you can go. The game was designed with almost an infinite ceiling of performance, continually giving players the chance to improve and learn how to play the game better.

Bubble Wrap PopAPalooza

Bubble Wrap PopAPalooza

Within each stage, there are four different goals to achieve. The player can decide which goal to focus on each round or attempt to fulfill all four goals in one stage, which presents quite a challenge. This feature was designed specifically to create a cool dynamic where playing for goal A is a different experience from playing for goal B, and so on, massively increasing playability.

There are 40 different stages to unlock and play, with new features, obstacles and abilities introduced as you progress with more stages and features coming in future updates.

Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza has fun power-ups that don’t require real money purchases, allowing players to reach their full potential in the game.

While playing, beware of hazards such as beetles, bombs and protective metal domes that make the bubble popping experience much more exciting.

Bubble Wrap: Pop A Palooza is now available in the Google Play store, download for free and get popping today!

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