July 16, 2018

Black Hat 2017

Black Hat

UAT Network Security students and alumni are preparing to work as paid volunteers for Black Hat USA 2017, taking place at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on July 22-27.

Black Hat is a security conference designed for people of backgrounds like corporations, government agencies, military, the private sector and independent security experts.

UAT is the primary university given the chance to volunteer at Black Hat, as our students have earned an outstanding track record over the years.

At Black Hat, students help with tasks such as setting up networks, placing network cables down, setting up APs (access points or wifi connections), setting up switches and routers, setting up the Network Operations Command (NOC), crowd control, collecting completed documents, classroom presentation support, customer assistance and problem solving when needed, which is as often as you may suspect.

Network Security students working at Black Hat

Network Security students working at Black Hat

The student volunteers stay pretty busy during the conference, but are rewarded with a free room and meals, a paycheck, a memorable experience and many opportunities to network with prospective employers.

This experience is so valuable to students looking to make connections and break into the cyber security industry upon graduation.


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