October 17, 2017

Award-Winning Film “Limelight” Now on YouTube!

Last summer a team of UAT Digital Video students lead by Killian Davies competed in the IFP Phoenix “Beat the Clock” 48 Hour Film Challenge and won Best Picture for their effort titled “Limelight.” As in every 48-hour challenge, there were some parameters given by IFP to ensure that the films were actually completed in the allotted time, and not filmed beforehand. Two possible lines of dialogue and two possible props were given; the UATDV team chose “That gives me a tingly feeling” as the line and a plant as the prop – and starting from that inspiration they created a 5-minute short about a jaded actor and his best friend discussing the meaning of life as an artist.

The "Limelight" Team

The “Limelight” Team

By virtue of winning the Best Picture award, “Limelight” was automatically selected for the 2017 Phoenix Film Festival, where it screened as part of the Arizona Shorts program. And now it’s available for viewing over on the UATDV YouTube channel!

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