October 17, 2017

Alumni Releases New Game: Spray ‘N’ Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

Spray N Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

We recently received an update from Mike Densmore, an alumni who dual majored in Game Design and Game Art & Animation at UAT, and he has some exciting news to share about new mobile game Spray ‘N’ Prey, published by his indie game company Monster Vault Entertainment.

Spray ‘N’ Prey is a bullet hell shooter that pits you against a never ending onslaught of Monsters. Let the bullets fly as you unleash Hell with explosions to even the odds to keep the murder spree going. Compete for top spot bragging rights in the Murder Machine ranking system. The game is designed to keep the blood bath going by updating the environments and monsters for seasonal packs and more. In addition, updates to the wave system will create a progressive challenge for the player and game devs have also implemented power ups to increase the pace of carnage to keep the kill counts high.

See the latest trailer for Spray ‘N’ Prey on YouTube.

Monster Vault Entertainment game devs are constantly crafting more updates and levels for the game. Incorporating more achievements and a leaderboard to keep players competitive controls for the mobile game use the gyro sensors for fast paced rotation.

Check back as Spray ‘N’ Prey will be releasing a Steam version very soon!

Currently, you can purchase Spray ‘N’ Prey on Google Play for $.99.

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