October 22, 2018

Alumni Highlight: Josh Milano

Game Art Alumni Josh Milano

Game Art and Animation alumni Josh Milano was recently hired as an Image Processing Specialist at Cranial Technologies, a company providing a non-surgical treatment option for children with plagiocephaly using the with the FDA-cleared DOC Band®.

What Are Your Job Responsibilities?
Utilizing 3D models of patients (example: children with deformed skulls), I take the head, align it to a grid and places points for measuring length, width, and asymmetry. I, then export the data for reports.

What Do You Miss About UAT?
What I miss the most about UAT would be the community that helped me grow as a person. Since graduation we’ve all had to grow up and face life head on.

Friends move away and work gets in the way of doing what you love to do such as art for me.

Game Art alumni gets hired at Cranial Technologies

Game Art alumni gets hired at Cranial Technologies

How Did Your Major Prepare You For An Industry Career?
The GAA major helped give me knowledge that spans across the spectrum of what it means to be a game artist.

What Are Your Tips For Students Who Want to Break In To The Industry?
One of the biggest tips I can give is don’t ever give up. You most likely won’t get into the industry right away so just keep on going and create the best work you can. You might feel your work is bad and will get you nowhere but in those mistakes you learn and grow. The only time you have truly failed is when you give up.

How Did You Get The Job?
With help from UAT Career Services Advisor Ashley Murry, Josh networked and landed this job.

Previous employment:

Tiny Vision Entertainment – Game Artist & Animator
Game CoLab – Art Intern
UAT – Game Art Tutor
Private Contractor – E-Line Media

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