October 22, 2018

Alumni Highlight: Gage Roland

Gage graduated from UAT in May 2017, as a dual major in Advancing Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction. As a student, Gage had a known presence at UAT as a veteran Student Ambassador, giving tours to new students and their families.

Gage was hired as a Data Analyst at Omni ePartners, a broker company that works with brands to sell products through Amazon US, Canada, Fresh, and other online vendors like Chewy.com and Walmart.

What Does A Data Analyst Do?

As a data analyst, Gage generates back-end reports from Amazon to find financial trends in the companies we work with.

Gage looks for losses in revenue which commonly come from shipping infractions. These infractions can be studied and fixed by creating reports to send to our supply-chain analyst team.

Gage is also in charge of data integrity of the company’s brands. He maintains all of the contracts, points of contact, invoice records, and billing of our partners. At any time, he usually manages the data/information of about 80 companies. Whoa!

How Did Your Major Prepare You?

Gage said his majors prepared him to think about multiple ways to solve problems, check over his work, and continuously reflect on how to be more efficient. A tip from Gage: easy to write programs that automate data in Excel sheets are not only easy, but it will impress your boss.

How Did You Get Hired?

“The real reason I got this job was with help from UAT’s Career Services. I found this job, applied, and interviewed on my own, but it was because of Ashley Murry’s help that I was successful. She helped me create the tools I needed like an awesome cover letter, a solid resume, and provided me with useful interview tips. It was my job to take these tools and use them.” Thank you, Ashley!

Do You Have Advice For Future Grads?

Do something while you aren’t doing anything. Meaning, even if you’re not in your dream position, be in a position somewhere. Having job history shows hiring managers that you are employable and disciplined.

My second recommendation is minding your job length. It’s easy to get carried away jumping from retail job to retail job, but the length of employment matters more than the number of companies you work for. It shows you’re not going to leave your dream job!

Lastly is the “overqualified” complex. Realistically, you’re as qualified as the job offers you get. You may miss an opportunity to grow into the position you want if you aren’t able to compromise for a position that you consider to be less than rockstar.

What Do You Miss About UAT?

“I miss my friends, teachers, and classes. UAT holds a special place in my heart as the first school that made me love to learn and to go beyond what is required. I met many amazing friends and faculty that have influenced me so significantly; I’d be scared to see where I was without them. UAT has played a considerable part on my identity, and I will never forget that.”

Congratulations Gage! We are proud of you.


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