May 22, 2018

Alumni Evan Tappero Lands Job with Crowdstar

Game Design Alumni Hired with Crowdstar

It’s wonderful when alumni return to UAT with good news! Evan Tappero who graduated last year with a degree in Game Design, gave us the scoop on the cool new place that he’s working!

See our Q & A with Evan below:

Q: What is your current position and at which company?
A: My current position is assistant content manager at Crowdstar, which was recently acquired by Glu Mobile.

UAT Game Design Alumni Evan Tappero

UAT Game Design Alumni Evan Tappero

Q: What does an assistant content manager actually do?
A: The position is on Crowdstar’s Design Home team, so I deal with the curation of game content for the mobile game “Design Home”. I am responsible for the categorization of incoming game content, as well as updated existing content, documenting new products that can be implemented into the game, as well as sending/tracking batches of new content to our art vendors to be made into 3d models.

Q: Is your career in the industry from the major?
A: My major was Game Design. This is the first position I have held that applies directly to my degree. Majoring in Game Design was a huge bonus that prepared me for the game industry. I was accustomed to working on teams at UAT and with those skills I was able to speak on a variety of different key points in game development and impress potential employers. Due to my background and degree, Crowdstar offered me a better position than I had originally applied for, allowing me to bypass their temp to hire and move directly into a full time staff member.

Q: How did your major prepare you for an industry career? How did you get the job?
A: Although I know multiple different people within my area (San Francisco Bay Area, CA) that work in the gaming industry, I was not able to successfully acquire a job through connections with them. My application to Crowdstar was a shot in the dark, I didn’t know anyone or have any connections there, so I was very surprised when I was contacting by their recruiter and started the interview process. I received positive feedback from my phone interview and my in-person interview, so much so that Crowdstar offered me a position the following day after the face-to-face meeting. Overall it was a quick process, I meshed well with each interviewer, and I am very happy to be a part of the Design Home team with Crowdstar.

Q: What are your tips for students who want to break into the industry?
A: For students looking to make their start in the industry, I would say to never give up. Finding work can take time, some of you may find jobs immediately while for others it may take years. Apply to anything and everything that you may be even remotely qualify for, even if it isn’t exactly your dream job. Employer’s in today’s market are looking for work experience and landing that first job in your field will be a huge step in the right direction.

Q: What do you miss about UAT?
A: My time at UAT was enjoyable, however, I never cared for the traditional classroom environments, but the structure of UAT’s online program allowed me to flourish. I do miss some of the more involved classes where I was able to do creative level design in Unity or coming up with design concepts in a creative writing class.

To see more about the company Evan works for, visit Crowdstar’s website. Check out their two current games: Covet Fashion and Design Home.

Crowdstar's Covet Fashion and Design Home

Crowdstar’s Covet Fashion and Design Home

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