October 21, 2018

A Look Back at DV’s “Fallout”

8 years ago today on October 24th, 2009, we began production on our first all-greenscreen film, “Fallout” (not related to the videogame series but nonetheless set in a post-apocalyptic future).

It was the start of a new direction for the Digital Video Program, one that placed greater emphasis on visual effects filmmaking and on creating a professional production experience for students that would span the last few semesters of their academic career at the University.

“Fallout” was an experiment. It could have ended in utter failure but we all still would have learned a ton from it. It would end up taking about a year to complete and in the end it would play film festivals all over the world and win a number of prestigious awards including Best Arizona Short at the Phoenix Film Festival.

More importantly, the Production Studio experience that was built around the creation of “Fallout” became the gold standard for student-faculty collaboration at UAT and it has continued to create many, many award-winning films in the ensuing 8 years. And the Production Studio modeled by the Digital Video Program has now become part of every program at the University.

Take a look back at where it all began, with “Fallout.”


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