July 18, 2018

2017 Cisco IOT Network Challenge

This weekend at UAT, teams of technology students will compete in a simulation that tests real world networking, security, and consulting skills to deploy an IoT solution for a simulated customer. Each team will act as an IT consulting firm that has been hired by a business to implement a new IoT solution at some of their remote sites.

Responsibilities will include the design and implementation of a secure network at the remote site to support the connectivity of an “Internet of Things” endpoint (in this case a Raspberry Pi 3 configured as sensor with an embedded web server) that will need to communicate with the customer’s data center infrastructure. Design and implementation will include IPv4 addressing, Layer-2 and Layer-3 networking, WiFi, WAN connectivity, and general security best practices.

Cisco IOT Network Battle

Cisco IOT Network Battle held at UAT

Teams will be provided with the same set of “minimum viable requirement” outlining the exact conditions that must be met for the customer to be satisfied. Once these requirements have been met and validated by a proctor, the teams will be free to creatively differentiate themselves. This could be accomplished by implementing additional features, capabilities, and documentation but is not limited to these categories. The winning team will have met all required functionality and demonstrated how their design, approach, implementation, documentation, and security is superior to their peers and exceeds the customer’s current and future business requirements.

Technologies used in the event:
Cisco 800 series router
Cisco Meraki WiFi
Cisco Catalyst Switches
Raspberry Pi with IoT hardware and application
Cisco Spark (for project collaboration)

Disciplines/Skills Recommended:
· CCNA level networking skills
· IPv4 addressing
· NAT, PAT, and DHCP
· 802.11 wireless basics
· Cisco switching concepts and cli configuration
· Cisco routing concepts and cli configuration
· Cisco router Access Control Lists
· Basic Linux shell commands (for troubleshooting the Raspberry Pi 3)

The 2017 Cisco IOT Network Challenge is being held at UAT on April 1, from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. We look forward to an exciting competition between UAT, MCC and GCU.

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