October 20, 2017

Envisioning Emerging Technologies

Envisioning Emerging Technologies

The graph below by Michell Zappa visualizes current trends in technological developments as well as possible future trends from 2012 to 2040.

To have an understanding of where technological trends are situated today and to guess what may happen in the future helps developers with the creation of products today.

It is interesting to see the possible developmental paths based on audience demands and desires, and to compare different categories.

With my students in my Principles of Interactivity class we compared Internet column with Interfaces and specifically focused on the developments of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: as of 2012, there has been a big push in the area of AR, with google glasses, etc.

However, fully immersive environments are still a dream looking into its full deployment possibly into the 2030s. The project by the Canadian artist, Char Davis, Osmose, that she created in 1995, comes to mind: using head mounted display and the vest that depicts breathing of the person wearing it: the movement through a fully immersive environment by simply breathing.

By comparing 2030s interface developments and looking into the possible future trends in internet development, interplanetary internet shows on the timeline for the year of 2020s, and the remote presence trailing after fully immersive environments.

Here is the full Visualization Chart:

Future Trends in Technology

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