May 22, 2018

International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre – INFANT 2012

International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre

Several UAT students have been invited to present their artwork at International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre (INFANT) this past June, in Novi Sad, Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia). I have had a great opportunity to take one student, UAT alum, to this event. We worked on several components that we presented to the international audience there, under the umbrella of our title, Vibes from the Desert:

  1. Kyle Jenkins (alum) gave a 3-day-long workshop on basics of open source software, Processing, that is today widely used by artists and designers, for interactive design/art, generative architecture, animation projects, at the Technical University, Dept. of Architecture, Novi Sad.
  2. We had an exhibition of UAT student work.
  3. I gave a lecture on algorithmic art where we also presented the outcomes of the workshop.
  4. Kyle Jenkins had a facade projections of his animations in the open theatre venue.

Our work has been widely recognized there, UAT got a lot of exposure and publicity with the news media there; for my student it was a life-changing experience. He worked with PhD students there in his workshop which was very successful. We have been invited to come back next year with the next level of the workshop and other programs. We got several new leads for international collaborations that we will be pursuing in the near future.

Some links from the event: – INFANT announcement – INFANT program – INFANT workshop – blog of the workshop – exhibition documentation


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