October 16, 2018

World Usability Day at PayPal, Scottsdale

World Usability Day

For the last several years, PayPal headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., has been celebrating World Usability Day, with a series of events, networking opportunities and prizes. This past November some of the local companies, such as PayPal themselves, Pearson and 29th Drive Design Studio have shared some of their out of the box strategies to increase customers engagement. PayPal’s design team gave a presentation that showcased how customer engagement is at the core of every change they made in their online environment. Pearson publishing company gave an inspiring presentation about the incorporation of their weekly co-design sessions with children ages 7-12 into the product development process. 29th Drive…

Adobe Photoshop Dropping XP Support

Adobe Photoshop Dropping XP Support

Windows XP Photoshop users will be out of luck, if they decide to upgrade beyond Adobe CS6. The company recently announced they would no longer be supporting XP beyond the latest CS6 (13.0) upgrade. Adobe plans to to utilize GPUs in a way XP won’t be able to. Yeah, Windows XP did end up a pretty stable OS (by the time it was replaced by Vista), but Adobe says users should begin their “migration plans” to take full advantage of future Photoshop innovations. From Adobe: “Photoshop CS6 already demonstrates that relying on a modern operating system, graphics cards/GPUs and graphics…

Podcast: 99% Invisible

RomanMars-99 Percent Invisible

Roman Mars’ Podcast 99% Invisible investigates the aesthetic, engineering, and human design that goes into every day items that we never even think about. It’s a great exploration of our world that will leave you looking at the things around you in a new way. 99% Invisible is a tiny radio show about design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. The show started life as a project of KALW public radio in San Francisco and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco. Check out 99% Invisible: http://99percentinvisible.org/   Link to this post!

International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre – INFANT 2012

International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre

Several UAT students have been invited to present their artwork at International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre (INFANT) this past June, in Novi Sad, Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia). I have had a great opportunity to take one student, UAT alum, to this event. We worked on several components that we presented to the international audience there, under the umbrella of our title, Vibes from the Desert: Kyle Jenkins (alum) gave a 3-day-long workshop on basics of open source software, Processing, that is today widely used by artists and designers, for interactive design/art, generative architecture, animation projects, at the Technical University,…

Fabian Oefner: Millefiori

Fabian Oefner Millefiori

Fabian Oefner’s magnificent Millefiori are photographs of Ferrorfluid placed in a strong magnetic field and injected with watercolors. The Ferrorfluid liquid has a very unique property. It is magnetic, caused by the millions nano iron particles in it. When put under a magnetic field, the particles in the solution start to rearrange due to the attraction and repulsion of iron. If now water colors are added to the ferrofluid, the pop-art looking structures start to appear, forming into black channels and tiny ponds filled with rainbow colored surfaces. The reason why the black ferrofluid and the water colors don’t mix is that…

Shifting the Role of Design

old theatre dashboard

The power of design today, design as a broader discipline, encompassing its many different types, such as graphic design, branding and identity, web design, but also user experience, is greater today than it has ever been. And it is time that businesses recognize its financial value. Design is no longer only for the elite. Increasing number of people expect elegant, simple, clean and intuitive design. Design-oriented companies who care about their customers and their experience with their products such as Apple and Amazon, to name a few, have invested their resources to create user centered experiences and fulfill user expectations….