October 17, 2017

Digital Filmmaking Degree

AZ Tech Beat Visits UAT on #ExposeTheAwesome Tour

Expose the Awesome

UAT was the last stop on AZ Tech Beat‘s #ExposeTheAwesome Tour, where they had a neat idea to interview cool companies in various technology fields throughout the summer. We had a busy day planned for AZTB Editor Tishin Donkersley, Community Manager Ryan Loebe and Film Intern Xavier Smith, but we knew they were ready for it! First, they sat down with Provost Dr. David Bolman to find out why UAT is unique and how access to great technology molds our students into innovators for the future. Dr. Bolman had no trouble expressing his enthusiasm for technology and how important UAT is to…

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CrossRealm – Cross-Discipline Filmmaking Innovation

Hollywood filmmakers such as Peter Jackson and James Cameron have spent many years and many millions of dollars developing systems that would allow them to preview in real time the visual effects for their blockbuster films. UAT undergrads replicated their results using off-the-shelf components, the Unreal game engine, some ingenuity, and a ton of hard work. The project was called “CrossRealm” and involved students from the Digital Video, Game Art, Game Design, and Game Programming majors all working together to accomplish something new. This is what the spirit of innovation is all about at UAT! After a bit of post-production,…

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YouTube Tuesday: “The Composer” Student Innovation Project

At UAT, all students are required to complete a Student Innovation Project (SIP) in order to graduate, and DV students are no exception. Sometimes a SIP is a new product, a new technology, or in the case of many DV SIPs a new way of applying technology to tell a compelling and unique story. “The Composer” by Gwyneth Christoffel and Darien Marion combines live-action, stop-motion, and 2D animation to tell the story of a creatively blocked composer who needs a little nudge to move on with his life and start creating again. Since the film is just about to begin…

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Help Falls – An Interactive Short Film

Help Falls

Jordan Wippell and Brandon Scott, together who form Brandingo Films, have started composing their Student Innovation Project (SIP), which is required of all students in order to graduate from University of Advancing Technology. The two UAT Digital Video students are proud to announce their next project, Help Falls, an Interactive Short Film. Here’s the premise: Following a tragedy, Miles and his wife Alice make their way to a romantic escape. They pass a sign for “America’s Best Kept Secret”… What lies ahead are answers to questions Miles did not know he had. Help Falls looks to create a compelling interactive short film that combines…

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YouTube Tuesday: “Piece of Mind”

For this week’s YouTube Tuesday, here’s a solid little drama produced by Gwyneth Christoffel and Ceara McSherry for the DVA241 Digital Video Production class called “Piece of Mind.” This was their final project in the class and is a great example of cinematography, editing, and music all coming together to effectively tell a story. Enjoy! Find out more about Digital Video Professor Paul DeNigris: www.linkedin.com/in/pdenigris   Link to this post!Related PostsAlumni Caleb Jacobs Gives Tips for Landing an AAA Game Job World of Martz On Set in 360! First-Time College Bound? Set Yourself Up For Success at UAT! Give Students Technology…

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Afterlife- A Short Film by UAT Digital Video Students


Afterlife is a short sci-fi film that follows the story of Mort, a lonely and socially awkward grave technician, who spends his days tending to a futuristic graveyard inhabited by AI holograms of the dead. Sadly, all of Mort’s friends and family have passed away leaving him isolated from human contact and in search of a companion. Just as he was feeling more destitute than ever, Lucy, a new resident arrives at the graveyard, but like all the others in the Afterlife family, she is also deceased. Mort’s feelings for Lucy rapidly flourish into love and he is determined to…

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YouTube Tuesday: TEDxPhoenix 2015!

Loyal readers of the UAT Tech Blog will remember that in April, UAT Digital Video students filmed TEDxPhoenix 2015 “Press Play” at the Mesa Arts Center. Now the edited talks are being uploaded to the official TEDxTalks YouTube Channel! The talks were filmed by students Austin Prendergast, Ceara McSherry, Saphire Tillmon, Darien Marion, Gwyneth Christoffel, Ryan Moore, Jacob Glass, Dominique Laster and Nick Francia and were edited by students Jordan Wippell, Chase Harper, Brandon Scott and Brett Chapman under the guidance and assistance of UATDV Program Champion, Professor Paul DeNigris. Watch the talks here! Expect the rest to be uploaded shortly. Find…

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YouTube Tuesday: w00tstock 7.0!

Every July since 2012, UAT Digital Video Program Champion Paul DeNigris has taken a road trip to San Diego with some of his students to film an event called w00tstock, a “geek cabaret show” organized by comedy music duo Paul and Storm, Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Wil Wheaton, and MythBuster Adam Savage. This year’s show took place on July 9 and featured appearances by many special guests such as Alton Brown (of Food Network’s Good Eats) and fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicle). Check out the complete w00tstock 7.0 playlist but be warned! These geeks have foul mouths and this…

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YouTube Tuesday: Good Faith Casting

If you’ve been on the UAT campus recently, you may have noticed large groups of actors coming and going. One day it’ll be all middle-aged men auditioning for a national commercial; the next day, tall athletic models auditioning for a magazine fashion shoot; another, pre-teens taking an acting class… you get the idea! And sometimes, actors are even here to audition for UAT Digital Video Program productions. But what do all these groups have in common? Good Faith Casting! Faith Hibbs-Clark and her daughter Bella Hibbs run Good Faith Casting, a full-service casting service that has had a relationship with UAT…

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Jordan Wippell: Music Videos, Short Films and Plans For the Future

Jordan Wippell is a Digital Video student at UAT who has kept himself quite busy submitting his work to film festivals and video contests. He is also known to ask directors if he can offer an extra hand behind the scenes to get tips from a professionals point of view. As a filmmaker, you are grateful for each opportunity to produce a film, but most filmmakers have few opportunities to work with one of their favorite bands, but now 21-year-old Jordan can say he has. He heard of a video contest for They Might Be Giants through the band’s Facebook…

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