October 17, 2017

Digital Filmmaking Degree

Ouroboros – Award-Winning Short Sci-Fi Film Finishes Year-Long Film Festival Tour

After a year on the film festival circuit across the nation, UATDV’s award-winning sci-fi drama short “Ouroboros” is now available for public viewing on our YouTube channel. Based on an original story idea by Digital Video Program Champion Professor Paul DeNigris, “Ouroboros” was directed by student Alexander Broderick from a screenplay crafted by student Vanessa Schell. Evanne Carter produced, Annie Winn was the cinematographer, and David Ford oversaw visual effects. All of these students have since graduated and begun their professional careers, building upon their experience making “Ouroboros” among other school projects. “Ouroboros” tells the story of quantum physicist Dr….

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New UATDV Film – “Secure. Contain. Protect”

UATDV students have finished their horror comedy “Secure. Contain. Protect” and it’s now on YouTube. There were some very cool “firsts” in the making of this one. We were the first crew to film at the historic Hayden Flour Mill in Tempe (thanks to Kris Baxter-Ging and Chris Hansen in the city government). This was also the first UATDV film to use a drone as part of principle photography (for the “monster vision” sequences in the Mill). Synopsis: “A secret government organization called “The Foundation” protects society from supernatural creatures. When one of the creatures classified as “SCP-106″ escapes containment, hapless friends…

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UAT Digital Video Casts Actor Tony Amendola in New Film, “Toppled”

UAT Digital Video

UAT Digital Video is thrilled to announce that actor Tony Amendola has been cast in the next project to be directed by Professor Paul DeNigris, called “Toppled.” Mr. Amendola is perhaps best known for his role in the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 as the noble Jaffa warrior Master Bra’tac. More recently he has appeared on sci-fi series Continuum and fantasy series Once Upon a Time and was one of the key voices in the video game Fallout 4. “Toppled” was written by Ayman Samman who previously collaborated with UATDV on “Parallax” and on “Red Sand: A Mass Effect Fan Film” and…

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UAT Digital Filmmaking Production Highlights | At long last, Borderlands: Change of Hart!

A cautionary tale about “scope creep” In the Fall of 2012, UAT’s Digital Video Program had just released its first big YouTube hit, the Mass Effect fan film “Red Sand,” and the team responsible was riding high on a wave of goodwill both on campus and on the Internet. While the Senior students who had lead the project were all about to graduate, a small portion of the team still had a semester or two left and they were itching to do something else. Something BIG. Enter then-Freshman Alex Dinh, who pitched his peers the idea of doing another videogame…

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UAT Digital Video | Reality Check, 48-Hour Film Challenge Winners

Reality Check

Recently UAT Digital Video students entered and won “Best Technical,” at an Inter-college 48-Hour Film Challenge. We spoke with the director, Brett Chapman to find out where the idea behind Reality Check originated. Read our Q&A with Brett below: UAT: That was a pretty realistic school shooting. Where did you get the idea for Reality Check? Were you afraid people may get offended and think your film is too similar to a real school shooting? Brett: School shootings are a horrifying reality of today’s world. Fellow UAT Digital Video students, Brandon Scott, Jordan Wippell, Chase Harper, Tina Hyland and myself…

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Donate to DV Student’s IndieGoGo Campaign to Fund ‘Help Falls’

Help Falls

1 film. 6 genres. 30 endings. How will Help Falls end? Help Falls is an interactive horror short film written by the Brandingo Films duo, made up of Digital Video students Brandon Scott and Jordan Wippell, who’ve teamed up on many past film projects leading up to this one being their Student Innovation Project. In order to raise money needed to film this innovative short, Brandon and Jordan have started an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. They can’t do it alone! They need your help. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated as the film production team continues to search for…

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Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of “Bohemian Rhapsody” with UATDV’s Star Wars cover!

Loyal followers of UAT’s Digital Video Program surely remember that almost 2 years ago we released “Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition.” Rock opera met space opera and then went viral to the tune of 2 million views and counting. Well get ready for our epic parody to begin making the rounds again, starting this weekend. From Time Magazine: “Oct. 31, 2015, is the 40th anniversary of the 1975 release of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a track that remains one of the band’s most popular hits and is considered by many to be among the greatest songs of all time.” Time goes on…

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Full UAT Scholarship Awarded To Visual Effects Winner at All-American High School Film Festival

Paul DeNigris and Visual Effects Winner Robert Flummerfelt

UAT Digital Video Program Champion Paul DeNigris was in New York City last weekend for the All-American High School Film Festival. The Digital Video department partnered with the Festival to give away a full-tuition scholarship as the grand prize in the Visual Effects category. The All-American High School Film Festival, running since 2003, receives over 2,000 film entries from 48 states and 15 countries each year, from that only 300 films are officially selected. The partnership came together in a whirlwind as Professor Sharon Bolman contacted the organizers of “the world’s largest high school film festival” just days earlier. The prospect…

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New NT Lab Equipment

New Technology Lab

Have you been inside the New Technology Lab (NT Lab) lately? There are some new devices for UAT’s population of tech savvy individuals to use on campus. Stop in to the Bindery for a key to the NT Lab and get your innovative juices flowing with new technology! Kor-FX Gaming Vest: The Kor-FX is a haptic feedback vest that lets you feel the game you are playing or developing. As part of the Virtual Reality Station, students will be able to combine the vest with the Oculus Rift to create truly immersive experiences. Sphero: Sphero, an addition to the Mobile…

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Professor DeNigris Selects Short Film Lineup at Herberger Theater’s Festival of the Arts

Festival of the Arts

This year, Professor Paul DeNigris has been asked by the Herberger Theater to program a series of short films for their annual Festival of the Arts on November 7, in downtown Phoenix. As a past participant in the Festival, Professor DeNigris has shown some of his films, but this is the first time they have asked him to run the show. So he has stacked the deck with lots of UAT films as you can see here: http://www.herbergertheater.org/festival-performances/ He is happy to have the opportunity to put many of UAT’s talented student filmmakers on display at an amazing local theater. If you are a connoisseur of independent short…

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