September 25, 2018

Donate to DV Student’s IndieGoGo Campaign to Fund ‘Help Falls’

Help Falls

1 film. 6 genres. 30 endings.

How will Help Falls end?

Help Falls is an interactive horror short film written by the Brandingo Films duo, made up of Digital Video students Brandon Scott and Jordan Wippell, who’ve teamed up on many past film projects leading up to this one being their Student Innovation Project.

In order to raise money needed to film this innovative short, Brandon and Jordan have started an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

They can’t do it alone! They need your help. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated as the film production team continues to search for the perfect cast, scout for filming locations and amazing costumes.

The budget will help the film crew to purchase costumes (there are 21 roles for 7 actors), book locations, build sets, hire actors, and provide food for the hardworking team. But the most interesting budget item is for makeup, blood, practical effects and all the gooey fun stuff that makes a project like this come to life!

As students at UAT, Brandon and Jordan are fortunate enough to have a pretty fantastic filming arsenal at their fingertips. Because each story in Help Falls requires a different aesthetic, they’ll be using everything from Black Magic Cinema Camera’s to DSRL’s to GoPro’s, and Sony Camcorders.

To utilize all these great cameras they plan to use drones, dollies, steady cams, Ronin’s and more.

Help Falls Town Hall

Help Falls Town Hall

Want to know more about the film? Help Falls is “America’s Best Kept Secret” and for a good reason. In 1936, the town’s main water source dried up and Help Falls suffered from an economic downfall which led to residents seeking homes elsewhere. Deserted, dilapidated and soulless. Mayor Saxton Fettle was the only chance for Help Falls to be put back on the map. Lead by unknown convictions, the Mayor began the resurrection of Help Falls and soon started collecting residents for its rebirth.

Not far down the road Miles Singler and his wife Alice make their way on a romantic escape. What lies ahead are answers to questions Miles did not know he had.

As the prototype shows, Miles finds himself in a strange room presented with six important objects. Using the Help Falls website, the audience chooses an item of significance that unknowingly sends Miles on a journey through the sub-genres of horror. At the same time the viewer will have the ability to actively participate in the story and discover the dark secrets of Help Falls.

These are told through the following short films:
Avant Gardener – Miles makes his way to Help Falls Avant Gardens. It’s here that a piece of his past is hidden. Luckily the new Gardener is here to help, Grindhouse style!

Malice – Drawing inspiration from Japanese Horror (J-Horror), this story throws Miles into the depths of the infamous Help Falls Mercy Hospital. What stalks the corridors will take Miles on a trip through the shadows of his past.

Monster Mash – Through the cross-hairs of a home video camera, this found footage horror film takes place on All Hallows Eve. Miles has arrived just in time for Help Falls’ annual Monster Mash! If only he and the reluctant family he stumbled upon weren’t trying to escape town first.

Not Guilty – A shattered window. A broken door. The Home Invasion genre never seemed so terrifying . Under surveillance of Sheriff Charles Cole, Miles must survive this Giallo-horror just to plead his case.

Psycho Babble – What did Miles do that led him to Help Falls? Why does Saxton Fettle want to torture him so? Can you guide Miles through the psychological horror genre intuitively enough to find out?

Taste of Faith – On the outskirts of town lies the Church. Mayor Fettle coerces Miles to join “Fettle’s Flock” and find faith in Help Falls. Righteousness never tasted so good.

These short films will be implemented into a much broader contextual story.

Help Falls

Help Falls – Terror YOU Choose!

Although Help Falls will display a unique narrative structure, it will in noway spoon feed it’s information to the audience. Your journey is one of discovery and knowledge. We want you to analyse and dig deep into the history of Help Falls to try discover it’s tragic past. Our main protagonist Miles is the key to that past and the more you experience, the more you will know.

So, how will Help Falls end? It’s all up to you!

Help make it happen for HELP FALLS – An Interactive Horror Experience and the team!

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