October 21, 2018

Digital Video Students Attend TedxPhoenix 2015


A group of nine UAT students had the wonderful opportunity to attend “TedxPhoenix 2015: Press Play” at the Mesa Arts Center on April 26. Under the instruction of Digital Video Professor Sharon Bolman and with IT guidance from Professor Paul Denigris via Skype, students used a camera set up with a Tricaster broadcast system and Live Streamed the entire show, which totaled over 4-1/2 hours of footage.

The Digital Video (DV) program at UAT will take the video captured from the TedxPhoenix talk and convert the footage into three half broadcast segments for KAET Ch. 8, Arizona’s local PBS station.

UAT at TedxPhoenix 2015

UAT at TedxPhoenix 2015

Speakers and Performers from this event included:
Bristol Baughan: Filmmaker, Author, Private Coach
• Summer Bellessa: Actor, Eliza Magazine founder, Girl With Glasses co-founder
• Rachael Bloom: Research Fellow
• Esther K. Chae: Actress and Playwright
• Brandon Gore: Designer
• Karen Kosiba: Atmospheric Scientist
• Danny Lobell: Comedian
• Macy McKenny: Sculptor
• Kristina Moore: Musician
• Camille Seaman: Photographer and Explorer
• Eric Stackpole: Co-founder OpenROV

This iconic event provided a great opportunity for UAT students to get hands-on experience and learn bits of knowledge from those who have forged on the path of creativity before them.

UAT students at TedxPhoenix 2015

UAT students at TedxPhoenix 2015

About TedxPhoenix:

In 2009, TED launched the TEDx program with the goal of bringing the TED experience to local communities around the world. In July of this year, the TED and TEDx communities celebrated 2,000 events worldwide, and TEDxPhoenix is proud to be a part of a global community that is helping bring great ideas to towns and cities across the globe.

TEDxPhoenix is an evening event where engaging speakers from a variety of disciplines share their life’s work, passions, and concepts through thought-provoking and entertaining talks that run between 3 to 15 minutes in length. The event combines live talks, musical performances, food, and opportunities to network and discover unexpected connections.

The theme for TEDxPhoenix 2015 is “Press Play” where we examined what it takes to drown out the noise, ignore the odds, and write your own adventure.

Ultimately TEDxPhoenix is an incubator for great ideas, a perfect opportunity to meet people who are doing interesting things, and a way to explore the interconnectivity that joins us. Our mission is simple, we want to gather the Valley’s leading thinkers and doers and offer them one evening of remarkable talks, unexpected connections, and powerful insight and inspiration.

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