November 18, 2017

Build a 3D Printer With a 3D Printer

Next Fab

Want to learn to build your own 3D printer with a 3D printer? NextFab Studio has started training sessions on how to build your own “MendelMax 1.5” 3D printer out of plastic, using a “RepRap” 3D printer that is essentially also made out of plastic. The $2,000 weekend class includes your own printer, which is about the price of a RepRap 3D printer, as well as, the 3D modeling software MOI v2. To build a 3D printer of your own you’ll need a laptop (recommended Mac OS X 10.6+ and Ubuntu 11.04+), Python v2.7+, the Arduino environment, and a few…

New OUYA Console and Controller Designs Revealed

OUYA has revealed new photos of the console and controller, with some design tweaks inevitable. For one, the buttons on the controller are not the final design. The new photo shows colored circles which will probably incorporate some type of textural design. The OUYA crew also announced OnLive will offer playable titles from over 80 publishers, with free demos and 30 minutes of playtime. More at the OUYA Kickstarter campaign. UH5UU7Z64BA4 Link to this post!Related PostsProfessor Hue Henry Guest Lecturing on Game Programming at West-MEC Summer Internship at iD Tech Camps Alumni Caleb Jacobs Gives Tips for Landing an AAA…

Advanced Character Modeling: From Concept to Completion

Students attending the Advanced Character Modeling course at UAT use the skills they have amassed in foundational courses to work out a complete pipeline for creating their models from concept to completion. The stylized and realistic characters shown below are both works created by Winston Powell, a Game Art and Animation student. Upon completion, students can rig and animate their characters through specifically designed courses which include hands-on training within UAT’s motion capture studio. Link to this post!Related PostsGame Professors Present VR at Science With A Twist at Arizona Science Center Game Art Alumni Describes Dream Job as AAA Texture…

Shifting the Role of Design

old theatre dashboard

The power of design today, design as a broader discipline, encompassing its many different types, such as graphic design, branding and identity, web design, but also user experience, is greater today than it has ever been. And it is time that businesses recognize its financial value. Design is no longer only for the elite. Increasing number of people expect elegant, simple, clean and intuitive design. Design-oriented companies who care about their customers and their experience with their products such as Apple and Amazon, to name a few, have invested their resources to create user centered experiences and fulfill user expectations….