July 18, 2018

Game Art & Animation Roots Inspire Student to Create Egyptian Asset

ancient egyptian asset created for game art and animation class

Blog post written by Game Art & Animation (GAA) student Olivia LeMaster During the GAA 220 class, I was required to create a cohesive asset that illustrated my accomplishments in either 3DS Max or Maya software. I chose to work in 3DS Max, because it is free for students to work with for up to 3 years, with proof of active student email. Here is the link if you are interested in trying out 3DS Max: https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/3ds-max As a Game Art and Animation major, this kind of knowledge is key in the world of video games. In every game created, there…

What is Game Art & Animation?

Co-written by Game Art and Animation Jorge Portillo and Digital Media Maven Lauren Fach Game Art and Animation (GAA) is a creative field in video game development. Without character art, would you feel as connected to a character? Without a realistic game world, what would pull a player into a game for hours and hours? Game art maps out a vision of how games will look, move and feel. Game artists make everything you see in a game world. At UAT, students with a passion for game art learn to create and animate environments, characters, textures, props and collision objects utilizing…

Custom Whiskered Away Xbox Controllers Made By Local Startup

Whiskered-Away indie game

The Phoenix Global Game Jam returned to UAT for the second consecutive year in January, bringing game developers from all over the Valley to our campus. UAT Game Studios students came out in full force forming small teams and collaborating their skills to make a playable game in just 48 hours. The result was over 20 completed indie games revolving around the theme of waves, which gave team “Whiskered Away” a fun idea for a 2D party game. See the most recent trailer here. Picture a beach with cute, colorful cats collecting shiny coins, but this treasure belongs to Poseidon….

Happy Skies, A Cultural Game For Kids

Happy Skies indie game

Who likes traveling? No airfare is necessary when you travel UAT’s Happy Skies! Immersion is a great way to learn about other cultures and Happy Skies is a cool kids game that brings the traveling adventure to you! Happy Skies is a high flying, adventure, mobile game that allows the user to learn about other cultures in a fun way. Kids can learn which country is known for giraffes, which Presidents are the face of Mount Rushmore or where you could find the Great Wall. The idea for the game spawned from UAT Game Studios-grown indie game company Terrasect Mobile,…

Game Art Alumni Describes Dream Job as AAA Texture Artist

Game Art and Animation Alumni from University of Advancing Technology

Dennis Porter, an alumni who studied Game Art & Animation at UAT, graduated in December 2013. Since gaining experience in the field over the last few years, Dennis has learned a lot about what it takes to break into the AAA Game Industry as an artist. In case you weren’t aware, it’s quite the competitive market to land your dream job. Currently, Dennis is working as Texture Artist at Certain Affinity Game Studio in Austin, Texas, where he works on a team of four members who are responsible for creating physically accurate textures for the studio’s projects. Dennis collaborates with…

Alumni Releases New Game: Spray ‘N’ Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

Spray N Prey from Monster Vault Entertainment

We recently received an update from Mike Densmore, an alumni who dual majored in Game Design and Game Art & Animation at UAT, and he has some exciting news to share about new mobile game Spray ‘N’ Prey, published by his indie game company Monster Vault Entertainment. Spray ‘N’ Prey is a bullet hell shooter that pits you against a never ending onslaught of Monsters. Let the bullets fly as you unleash Hell with explosions to even the odds to keep the murder spree going. Compete for top spot bragging rights in the Murder Machine ranking system. The game is…

Greenlight Celebration

UAT Greenlight Celebration

You’re invited to the 2016 Fall Greenlight Celebration, an event for University of Advancing Technology (UAT) to acknowledge the fantastic work of its UAT Game Studios students. The Greenlight Celebration offers them the opportunity to demonstrate the games they’ve been working on for the last semester to fellow students and to the public. The UAT Game Studios is a multidisciplinary collaboration of students across undergraduate and graduate degrees and on-ground and online programs consisting of mostly game design and game programming students, as well as art and animation majors to form well-rounded game development or game dev teams.  What: 2016 Fall Greenlight Celebration Where: UAT…

Game On Expo

Game On Expo

Game enthusiasts, it’s time to get your game on because the Game On Expo is back! Taking place at the Mesa Convention Center on August 5-7, the Game On Expo is the largest gaming convention in Arizona! The word on the street is that this year is expected to be even bigger and better than last year’s inaugural event, so don’t miss out! What is the Game On Expo? It’s the largest gaming convention in Arizona, including table top and retro/modern video games. You can buy and test games, shop the vendor hall, and attend panels with industry designers, leaders and pro players! Attendees can participate…

10 Awesome Reasons to Play Pokémon Go

Reasons to play PokemonGo at UAT

At University of Advancing Technology, we’ve seen an invasion of Pokémon Go hunters roaming the campus in search of Pokémon since the game was released on July 6. In speaking with Professor Maureen Beam, we came up with ten awesome reasons to play Pokémon Go! Please see our ideas below. 1. Helps with depression and anxiety Many students have commented on how the game has helped them make new friends and overcome depression and the social anxiety that comes from meeting someone for the first time. There is an instant bond when you are playing Pokémon Go and see groups of other…

UAT Students Playtest Alumni Game at VR Release Party

UnderEarth by CrackerJame Games, UAT Game Studios alumni

CrackerJack Games LLC paid a visit to alma matter University of Advancing Technology to hold the first public demo of UnderEarth at an Alumni Video Game Release Party on May 19, 2016. UnderEarth is an immersive, first-person puzzle game available to play on both PC and Oculus Rift, slated to launch sales on Steam in June. The UnderEarth team flew in to Arizona from different states for the essential opportunity to gain real-time reactions and feedback from the active gaming community, what better place to find such a devoted pool of game enthusiasts, but at UAT! Game synopsis: Following Valvorta…