October 19, 2018

UAT Maker Tech Presents Panel at WonderCon

WonderCon panel

Maker Lab Tech Mike Syfritt was in attendance at WonderCon in Los Angeles last weekend. You may not have recognized him right away due to his Cosplay attire, but that’s the dress code while at WonderCon! Mike hosted a panel called “Props and Weapons, Supersize it.” The panel spoke about the process to make oversized props and weapons that are of a lightweight material and safe for prop use at “Cons,” or conventions. For the panel, Mike designed and constructed an oversized Harley Quinn hammer to give away as a raffle prize. The hammer was made of laser cut cardboard…

Build a 3D Printer With a 3D Printer

Next Fab

Want to learn to build your own 3D printer with a 3D printer? NextFab Studio has started training sessions on how to build your own “MendelMax 1.5” 3D printer out of plastic, using a “RepRap” 3D printer that is essentially also made out of plastic. The $2,000 weekend class includes your own printer, which is about the price of a RepRap 3D printer, as well as, the 3D modeling software MOI v2. To build a 3D printer of your own you’ll need a laptop (recommended Mac OS X 10.6+ and Ubuntu 11.04+), Python v2.7+, the Arduino environment, and a few…

3D Printed Micro-Cars

3D Printed Cars

These tiny 3D Printed cars are 2cm long and have real moving wheels and doors! So tiny! So cute! You can download the design and order them from Shapeways.┬áThis is the mid size model — 2 cm long. Watch the video below: Link to this post!Related PostsWhy You Should Study Blockchain 7th Annual Tempe Geeks Night Out Opportunity is Right in Front of You VP of Insight Enterprises, Curt Cornum To Speak at UAT CollegeHack: Dealing with Stress in Positive Ways