October 20, 2017

CollegeHack: Dealing with Stress in Positive Ways

Being a student can be a full-time job and for others enrolled in college, there may be other important external responsibilities such as jobs, families, and military obligations pulling them in many different directions.

Not to mention that news and social media are full of negativity, and it’s easy to find yourself depressed and directly affected by the chaos happening around us.

Make sure to listen to your own emotions and care for your own mental health. Here are some ways to bring comfort back into a turbulent day, week or month.

Don’t miss meals. You’ll be happier and healthier if you eat regularly. No, coffee and/or energy drinks do not qualify as a meal.

Get artsy – let your creative juices flow! Create a new character, draw a doodle, build a robot, listen to music… find a way to unleash your creative side.

Tell a joke. Make yourself or someone else laugh to lighten the mood.

Unplug from technology. TV, Internet and social media can be the cause of stress, too. It’s healthy to take breaks from technology.

Dealing with Stress in Positive Ways

Dealing with Stress in Positive Ways

Talk to someone. Open up to a friend, family member or therapist. You don’t have to keep your feelings inside.

Sleep! It’s not overrated. It’s needed and very much so.

Go outside. The weather is nicer out and many fun places are within walking distance of the camps. Get active and you’ll see your mood improve.

Be more active. You don’t have to be an athlete to get active. Take a walk at the park, go for a bike ride, take Sharon Bolman’s yoga class… you can do it!

It’s important to care for your mental health just as much as your physical health. While learning how technology will change the future, don’t forget to check in with yourself and how feel from time to time.

UAT Hosted 2nd Annual Cyber Security Open House

2nd Annual Cyber Security Open House

UAT held the 2nd Annual Cyber Security Open House on Thursday, Oct. 12, in conjunction with the national cause, Cyber Security Awareness Month.

UAT Cyber Security professors Wayne Kibbe and Mason Galatas teamed up to present a slideshow on the basics of cyber security and how to protect yourself the best you can from hackers.

Professor Wayne Kibbe said, “Cyber Security education is very important for several reasons. First, the demand for cyber security skills is rapidly growing and US Labor Department reports claim shortages for the foreseeable future. Second, as more and more devices connect to the internet, the chances of individuals getting hacked is increasing. A career in the field could be very rewarding by protecting not only individual consumers, but private businesses and government agencies as well.”

Some important takeaways from the presentation include:

  • Online shopping is a risk – make sure to use credit cards versus debit cards due to extra built-in protection from credit card companies. Gift cards are even more secure.
  • Social media can give away too much personal information. Avoid sharing your address, phone number, birthdate and schools you or your family has attended. Also, don’t advertise on social media that you are on vacation. You’ll catch attention from the wrong people!
Cyber Security - tips to stay safe online by UAT Cyber Security experts

Cyber Security – tips to stay safe online by UAT Cyber Security experts

  • Social engineering – be careful what information you share with people who are randomly and overly curious in specific personal questions.
  • Free WiFi may look legit, but beware it could be disguised with a common name like “Starbucks Guest” so the customer is likely to assume it’s safe and for the use of Starbucks customers. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to be sure communications are safe, even on a public network.
  • Be aware of other tech in your house that may connect to the Internet such as an XBox, Smart TV’s, refrigerators, thermostats and more. These devices can be vulnerable to attacks, as well.
  • Update your software. Hackers commonly target software that does not update automatically because users are less likely to run updates regularly themselves. This can create opportunities for bad guys to infiltrate the program.
  • Passwords are hugely important so don’t be generic. If you struggle in creating a unique password, try multi-factor authentication. In addition to multi-factor authentications, applications such as Lastpass can create lengthy and random passwords for you.

For more information on cyber security and how you can reach a higher level of training and education, please click to learn more about UAT.

UAT Promotes Cyber Security Awareness Month with Tips & Anecdotes

White Hat Hackers

UAT has led the way in cyber security since the late 90s, writing the rule books for cyber security education in Arizona.

Marking over 20 successful years since the inception of its elite Network Security degree program, UAT is proud to participate in Cyber Security Awareness Month, during the month of October, allowing our faculty of experts to share important information on cyber security with the public.

UAT recognizes the importance of training cyber security experts, in its students, alumni, faculty and in local members of the community.

We have compiled a few tips and anecdotes about our students below.

From Cyber Security Program Champion Greg Miles:

  • Security isn’t an instant solution. It’s a lifetime process that must be integrated from the very first steps of any project.
  • Introducing the concepts of cyber security and identity protection at an early age, will help you in the battle against the bad guys a.k.a. hackers.
  • UAT provides students with a security education that includes traditional theory, extensive hands-on, innovation projects, and industry exposure. UAT strives to provide employers with well-rounded and well-educated employees to support this rapidly-growing field. We’re priming white hat, ethical hackers for good.
  • UAT students and alumni have the opportunity to work as paid volunteers at Black Hat and attend DEFCON. These epic experiences provide students with extensive exposure to multiple cyber security companies, which is better than any job fair, and awesome experience to add to their resume.
UAT Cyber Security students at Black Hat

UAT Cyber Security students at Black Hat

From Network Security Professor Mason Galatas:

  • Cyber security is really, really important. These figures help illustrate why.
  • The network security attack surface is expected to reach 4 billion by 2020, just over two years from today. Cyber crime is expect to triple during this time. Now is the time to educate yourself.
  • A hack can cripple a company. A security breach, without appropriate remediation measures and response capability, both of which are expensive, can force a company out of business. According to the NCSA, 60 percent of small and medium companies that experience a data breach go out of business within six months.
Cyber Security Awareness Month at University of Advancing Technology

Professor Mason Galatas with Cyber Security Alumni Will Peterson

From UAT President Jason Pistillo:

  • Having started a degree teaching students how to defend networks in 1998, we’ve helped contribute to the Arizona cyber security industry by pre-populating the talent pool for 20 years.
  • That’s allowed a record amount of cyber companies to germinate here in Arizona, Including Trusona (headed by Ori Eisen), Terraverde (Ed Vasko) and CellTrust (Sean Moshir).
  • With the momentum of talent and active cyber companies in Arizona, we have the opportunity to cement Arizona as a central hub for cyber security like the silicon valley of cyber.
  • Anyone can be a script kiddie, it’s takes brilliance, creativity and discipline to be a true cyber security professional and that’s why UAT is so passionate about making sure graduates have proven they have the skills, have competed and won multiple competitions including WRCCDC and created an innovation in their field.
Cyber Security students at WRCCDC - Take 2nd Place

Cyber Security students at WRCCDC – Take 2nd Place

  • Our information and privacy is becoming more precarious by the second. The more connected the world gets, the more vulnerable we are; but the worst part is the societal apathy that’s emerging towards breaches of confidential information, privacy and the disregard for Intellectual Property.

Want to know more about cyber security from UAT’s experts?

UAT is hosting a Cyber Security Open House on Oct. 12, with industry experts, faculty and alumni to offer tips on how to stay safe online and talk about the importance of Cyber Security education to the public.

Learn more about protecting yourself online. Dive into what it’s like working for the Cyber Security Industry. Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness month on October 12, with a full slate of activities, industry talks, and topics involving some of industry’s top professionals. Don’t miss out on this incredible educational event!

What: UAT Cyber Security Open House

When: Thursday, Oct. 12, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Where: University of Advancing Technology: 2625 W. Baseline Rd. Tempe, AZ 85283

Why: To celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month and educate the public on tips to stay safe online.

RSVP on Eventbrite, space is limited.


See you on Thursday night!


Professor Jill Brumand’s Sustainable Waste Activity Grew Wheels

Sustainability Class Project

Professor Jill Brumand asked her students to bring in trash to their Sustainability in Practice class on Thursday, Oct. 5. Why, you might wonder? Good question!

Professor Brumand wanted the students to learn the value of “cradle-to-cradle” concepts which encourage students to see what is traditionally classified as waste as something that can be inputs into a new system. This also helps support students’ ability to innovate and work toward a goal with a scarcity of traditional resources. The activity grouped students randomly and each group had to work through looking at what materials they had to building a functional object and finally to presenting these features to a group of judges.

Sustainability in Practice - Class Project

Sustainability in Practice - Class Project

Here were the guidelines for the Waste Activity project.

1. Must be functional (perform a task)
2. Must have an artistic component
3. Must have at least three moving parts (at least two of those must not be directly connected to a human)
4. Must use at least four different kinds of materials
5. Must be small/light enough to be carried by no more than two people

Two groups got to work on their creations. One team chose to work in the Maker Lab and other group worked in the large room 206/207.

After giving the teams time to work on the project, it was time for judges to examine the finished projects.

After careful deliberation the team with the vehicle that ran on a track won.

Both projects were innovative and functioned as planned. Good work everyone!

UAT Robotics Demos at CactusCon

Robotics Village at Cactus Con 2017

UAT attended CactusCon 2017 in the Robotics Village on Saturday, October 1, at Phoenix Convention Center.

UAT Professor Joseph Horen showed off robot demonstrations as well as Arduino programming labs for attendees to learn to program and see the results via the hardware.

The Robotics Village was a new edition to Cactus Con but turned out to be a popular event for 8-17-year-olds who wanted to learn about Cyber Security and Robotics.