October 21, 2018

Summer Sizzles with Cyber Security

Opportunities in Cyber Security heat up during the summer with well-known industry events like Black Hat and DEF CON!

Each summer, UAT Cyber Security students can apply to work as paid volunteers at the iconic Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas. No, they aren’t there to party! At Black Hat, they gain industry experience in setting up networks, WiFi connections, routers, switches, and much more. This internship alone can open so many doors for students looking to network and break into the industry upon graduation.

The day after Black Hat ends, DEF CON begins and many students stick around to attend or work at DEF CON, as well. Occasionally some lucky students who showed promise at Black Hat have been asked to work as DEF CON Goons, aka security, which is an honored privilege.

DEF CON is full of hacking activities like Capture the Flag (CTF), Pentesting, and the Lock Picking Village as well as vendors and companies from all aspects of the Cyber Security world. While at Black Hat or DEF CON, students may find solid job opportunities by simply immersing themselves in the industry and networking with professionals in the field. Don’t miss out!

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